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DingoEnderZOE2 2004-06-10 19:20

About Lime-iro Senkitan(The game! Not the Anime!)
I just watched a few episodes of that Series.Despite all the bad reviews for this I still decided to give it a shot. I mean its an Anime Based off of one of Elfs games it can't be that bad right? Well I was wrong. The artwork is nice and all that but the female characters are all real annoying Especially The one with the Glasses and the girl who also happens to trip and expose her underwear all over the place. Plus its just plain boring to watch even for me.I was really disappointed in this and I was thinking about the game. And thats where my question comes in:Anyone who has played it how is the game compared to the Anime? What improvements were in the game that wasn't in the Anime?

DingoEnderZOE2 2004-06-12 12:52

Hmmmm I guess not alot of people here played the game huh?

kj1980 2004-06-12 17:26

"Lime-iro Senkitan" was released in November of 2002, with the anime coming in on January 2003. The game made headlines as the story was done by veteran writer Akahori Satoru who did the Sakura Taisen game series.

The game, being from veteran softhouse Elf, was very erotic indeed. Besides the constant ero-scenes in each chapter, there is a cool strategic game involved which you direct your students to fight to protect the ship - Amanohara, from being sunk by oncoming enemies. Each character have their strength and weakness "colors," so by strategically putting your students against the enemies' "colors," you try to defeat them by sustaining as little damage to Amanohara as possible.

Perhaps one notable thing that I found lacking in the anime version was the ero-scenes itself. While the fanservice in the anime were extensive as it based on an ero-game, it pales in comparison to the lots of ero-scenes the game has. And perhaps that was the part that felt as if "without ero-scenes, Lime-iro isn't Lime-iro."

Overall however, I give the game an 80%. It has a lot of ero-scenes, the seiyuus were great (if you'll notice there are quite well-established seiyuus doing this game/anime), but overall the story was (as many people say with Akahori's works) a mirror of Sakura Taisen. And while the strategic game was also amusing at first, it does become tedious as you play it over and over again - and since the position of your characters are stationary by each turn phase, you do get irritated as more enemies comes in while you can't do anything but sit there and watch your Limes and Amanohara get all the beatings.

Either way, I hope they take this into consideration when they do "Lime-iro Senkitan 2." (Or, perhaps they already did in the PS2 release "Lime-iro Senkitan Jun," but I wouldn't know)

DingoEnderZOE2 2004-06-12 19:04

Wow thanks alot for your response Kj1980. But when you say Ero-scenes in each chapter do you mean H scenes(As in you H someone.) or just Ero-scenes? Oh and do you choose who you can go after or does the game choose for you?(Like in every chapter you Lay a diffrent girl each.)

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