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Yebyosh 2004-06-13 23:15

[Manga] Chapter 26 : To the Master's Side
First off, "To the Master's Side" is a bad translation... It would seem to be "To the Master's Origin/Source" but that makes no sense (considering how it is used later at the end of the chapter) Anyone with a better translation is encouraged to reply.

I was not particularly pleased at how the Greed arc was adapted in the anime. Rather than giving a rant, I would rather give the English viewers a chance to read the manga. So here it is (the start of it that is)...

Palani 2004-06-14 01:23

Thank you Yebyosh, as always a great translation. You should zip them all in one. I'm willing to offer you a host.

sarcasteak 2004-06-14 01:47

I thought it just meant "Return to the Master"...but I think your translation gets the point across. Good job on the translations...let the anime-viewers know how Greed got hardcore pimped in the manga! >_<

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