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plastic unicorn 2003-11-25 10:15

condor hero (Live-eviL)
just a quick question, and one that doesnt go against forum rules as i am not asking when the next ep is coming out (though i would like to know)

why is it that these episodes come out so infrquently? it is my favorite anime, and though i dont mind waiting it just seems odd that there is so much time between releases.
this due to the subbers, or what?

Koshiba 2003-11-25 10:35

I'm curious as to where Live-Evil gets their raws for Condor Hero. ^^;

Tofusensei 2003-11-25 14:24



plastic unicorn 2003-11-25 15:21


Originally Posted by Tofusensei


if that isnt the least helpful response i have heard...

Tofusensei 2003-11-25 15:39

Hehe ^_^;;;

It's just that we have explained that in abour 3 other threads on this forum, and about 320943290 on the l-e forums :X

The reason the show is not subtitled as fast as other shows is due to the level of difficulty in translation of the show, and the fact that we employ redundant scrutinizing translation checks to every episode in order to ensure that each line is as accurately translated as possible. *_*

If you look at the release dates over the course of the 15 eps we have released, we have been getting faster and faster at a rather rapid pace. Please bear with us :X


As for the raws, we got most of them back in October 2001-April 2002 when the show was originally airing.

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