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Zephronite 2004-06-18 10:34

New KGNE Fandisc out on 040625~

This new Fandisc (or fanDVD to be more exact) explores the other side of the KGNE plot. What if the accident didn't happen? What will become of Takayuki's relationship with Haruka?
age wanting to open up the plot more? Or is this a scheme to milk more money from the fans? You decide!

DarkCntry 2004-06-18 14:15

I'm actually looking forward to seeing this in action, perhaps it's to milk the money, but it is at least exploring something that is interesting...unlike many of the other 'sequels' that just go the "hey, let's do this again, change a few words, change the scenes, and resell it" route.

The ability to skip the issue that made KGNE is going to be something either a fan will enjoy the idea of or hate on the basis of they feel that is what made KGNE...I'm part of the latter but willing to be the former. I'd love to see a flow of the story from if you didn't have to lose the '3 years of Haruka's life'...the what-if scenario alone is enough for me to want to give this a look.

kj1980 2004-06-18 19:25

And I redirect you to:

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