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Saprydion 2003-11-25 14:13

Full Metal Panic Season 1
Where can I find Full Metal Panic Season 1 episodes?

I just saw FMP season 2 and loved it...I would really like to see Season 1. If someone can tell me where to get it, it would be great!!! Thanks!!!

xris 2003-11-25 14:27

Since you posted in this forum and not in the DVD & Licensed forum, I assume you want to know where to find downloads of Full Metal Panic. If so, then it's been licensed and therefore no longer available for download. If you do want to see FMP series 1, then I suggest you purchase the DVDs (in fact the fifth DVD is due out today).

Have a look around other the threads, you should see one giving recommendations as to where to find good on-line stores or alternately just go to

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