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AnimeOni 2004-06-21 16:52

MKV/OGM Default audio stream
I totally forgot the setting to make Japanese the default audio stream in MKV and OGM settings. I have it working on my old system but cannot reproduce it on my new system. I am able to set the sub-titles to be on (english) all the time but for some reason, I cannot find the setting for video stream.Does anyone know?

microlith 2004-06-21 20:03

If you didn't download dvd-rips you wouldn't have this problem :P

KeinikuSuki 2004-06-21 20:58


Originally Posted by microlith
If you didn't download dvd-rips you wouldn't have this problem :P

There are legitimate reasons a person would have OGM or MKV files. For example, you want to make backups of DVDs you own.

This bring an important question to the spotlight:
Microlith do you do anything productive on the Tech Support forums, or do you just wait for the chance to pounce on people?

AnimeOni 2004-06-21 21:39

It is legit - it is not anime though. I am encoding some videos that I took from a trip to Europe that I burned to DVD. Now I want to rip it out and do a playback on the computer (I do not have the original footage anymore since I reuse the tapes.

In the movie, we have the local tour guide who is speaking French and German. I need I need to create sub-titles translation for my family: some speak Japanese, some speak Chinese, and some speak English. When I encode, I want to have English as the default subtitles and allow family members to playback localized instead of toggling through all the languages. I can tell you, a 65 grandpa is not very computer lit to and I do not want to provide a lot of instructions on how to do a simple playback.

I guess Microlith, as to the question as legit, I am the copywright holder of the movie since I filmed it. Is this an acceptable use or do I have to file the paperwork to TM and Reg my home videos before I can make it work?

But back to my original question, I have it working on one system but cannot remember the setting on my new system.
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KeinikuSuki 2004-06-21 23:59

It just dawned on me what you meant; it was kind of confusing for me the first time.

Im going to assume you are muxing the OGM/MKV file in VitualDubMod. The first audio or subtitle track that apears in the list is automatically the default. To open this dialog box choose Streams ==> Streams List from the menu bar. In this example we have 2 audio tracks. The one labled "OGM Audio Stream 1" is English and the one labled "OGM Audio Stream 2" is Japanese.

You can lable your audio streams by clicking on the stream and pushing the "Comments" button. Applying language comments (Using the "Add" button in the lower window) allows your viewers to quickly distinguish between audio tracks and is highly recomended.

Depending on which track is higher on the list (By using the "Move Up" or "Move Down" buttons) that track is the defualt. In this example, since the Japanese audio track is higher in the list, when the media is played, the Japanese audio track will be used by defualt. The same goes for subtitle streams. There is one in this example labled "OGG Media File text stream 1". Again, adding comments to these text streams make for easy distinction.

I hope this helps.

AnimeOni 2004-06-22 01:14

Thx. That was it. I wish there was a way to localize it so the system will pick up the localized version of Windows/Linux. For example, my localized version of Windows is Chinese and my Fiancee's version is Japanese.

Maybe if I have time, I will grab the sourcecode and muck around with it.

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