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Forsaken102 2004-06-21 21:34

Forsaken102- In the CyberFlesh (56k Warning!)
Well, I suppose that it's about time that I open my own art thread now. There'll be alot of repeat stuff, but some new stuff too!

WolfWraith (Concept Art for a story I'm working on on the side. Done on MS Paint)

Forsaken (Art for Homepage; no real meaning behind it. First Photoshop image)

Rhea and Dymas (Concept Art for the story I'm working on on the side)

Fireborn (For team competition; Lineart and Background Only)

FireDance (No real reason; just moved by a song. First attempt at coloring in Photoshop)
Hellsing (CG for contest; we came in last place, though. )

Shuin 2004-06-21 22:02

pretty cool i like them ok well bye bye keep up the GREEEAAAT work:)

gizmo 2004-06-22 05:35

There are good and bad ones between them, but overall I like your coloring style!

Forsaken102 2004-06-22 12:46

Well, slowly but surely, I'm improving. I haven't had art since I was in 6th grade (8 years ago), so overall, for a start, I don't think I'm TOO bad. That's also why I post them; I want people to critque them, so I can get better; I'm not worried about people telling me I'm a fantastic artist or anything; I know I'm not.

Basically, I would really, really appreciate some constructive criticism; after all, I'm still working at it!

ettubrute 2004-06-24 04:04

Lots of cool concepts in there. I like the firedance one - the figure is well done, but could use some refinement (some bodyparts are off). Have you taken a figure drawing class before? - If not, I highly suggest it, human proportions, after all, is the hardest thing to get right (I think). 6th grade + 8yrs should be around college times right? just take one for fun! I took a class and it helped alot, although i still need way more practice. anyway, keep up the good work! :cool:

Forsaken102 2004-06-27 01:18

err... here's a new one. Still not terriffic.

Just typical graphite on paper.

Vulkar 2004-06-27 12:28

nice textures on the bird!

Forsaken102 2004-07-01 15:19


Originally Posted by Vulkar
nice textures on the bird!

Heh... nice textures on the bird. The best anyone has said about it? ROFLMAO @ plummetting self-worth

Yare yare... I'll try better, maybe cg a few in the future- most people seem to prefer color to black/white... and I'm one of 'em. :D

Forsaken102 2004-08-02 04:46

Tribute to NightWish!
Sorry for the double post, but without it, my thread would fade into obscurity. :(

This is a really biiiig thank you to NightWish, who fixed my computer. No, really... I'm serious. Without him, my computer would be shooting sparks and projectile CDROM's at me. So, I promised to do something for him... but what can you do for a mod that knows everything?

So, I promised I'd do some art... and here it is. I know it's not the best in the forum (especially compared to .gaara, darksakura, and yami-no-rouge), but it's the best that my measly skills can produce.

So, without further ado... "NightWish" (hey, what would YOU wish for at night? :p)

I'd really like some tips, by the way, on how to do better hair... and I can never get the skin tones just right. :help:

NightWish 2004-08-02 11:42

~ Awww thankyou

Originally Posted by Forsaken102
but what can you do for a mod that knows everything?

Ummm... :eyebrow: I wouldn't go that far... but you're welcome all the same, I'm glad I could help ^_^~
I'll add some comments on the picture when I've had a chance to look in more detail :heh:;
I'm at work so don't really have time to come up with sensible suggestions ;)...

Interesting choice of subject. Was it an existing character? One you made up or did you have someone to base it on? What made you choose her? ... and why the blue and red eyes :)?

She looks a little tired. The combination of slightly droopy eyes and highlighted cheek bones gives the impression of fatigue. Still, the proportions look good and the pose is nice. I really like the shape of the arm and the chest, looks very natural :D.

I quite like how you've made an attempt to remove the lines this time; although I think it still needs a bit of work. The chin looks too pointy compared to the rest of the image because the cheeks are blurry. You need to be a little less forceful with the blur tool ;).

The hair looks a little messy and rushed too, but it gives a nice effect. Much like the hair in most of your pictures -- scruffy but with a life of its own :p. From a shading point of view I personally think the hair works well -- you just need to think about the shadows it casts. You've made a really good attempt but some points don't quite work.

The collar shading could do with a little more clarity too; I think you've thought about the bone shaping the skin, but it's not quite right. The base of the nose isn't quite right either -- it looks a little turned up. Think more about what you can actually see when you look at a person and not what you know is there. Having a real life subject always helps with that ;). Mostly the shading is good... The tops of her breasts and her left arm are really nicely done; especially the muscle definition on the arm!

Overall though I think it's really good. Technically it might not be perfect, but it has a lot of style and character.

::saves it::

Raxial 2004-08-02 13:27

i'll post some mini-tutorials some time, if anyone finds page 3 of the forum comic any good

Forsaken102 2004-08-02 16:56

(*waits excitedly for page 3...*)

I can't wait to see your killer tutorials. :p

Vulkar 2004-08-02 19:19

Ooh. That looks nice. The head pops forward quite nicely. Only major criticism is many of the shadow lines (to me at least) instead of the shadows seeming to disintegrate naturally just kind of seem to blur and if I look at those certain areas of the picture it seems kind of out of focus. Anyway, feel free to disagree with me though cuz I really know nothing about the coloring/rendering technique you're using.

Those shadows on the neck. The very light ones not the dark ones on the chin. Those shadows are sweet as hell though. It's very nice. You show the form of the neck and the clavicle oh so nicely. :love:

Raxial 2004-08-02 19:24

check this out. It's not by me and i could get much from it, but maybe someone else can.

really good hair tutorial

DukeGaladrien 2004-08-03 17:41


I really love this picture, great job on it!

This one is pretty good too, seems to be missing a little something on the face, maybe a little different jaw shape or something, can't really say as I'm not exactly an expert artist. Either way good work on all your stuff. :)

StoneColdCrazy 2004-08-07 23:16


Originally Posted by Forsaken102
Basically, I would really, really appreciate some constructive criticism; after all, I'm still working at it!

Sorry for the late reply, but I've only just bounced into this thread, so I'm a little behind.

I'd say the first piece, the angel, is definitely my favourite. I like it and I think it shows something difficult that you've already become good at, that being proportions. So many people struggle with character and facial proportion but I think you're doing a good job with it and it really adds to your work.

If I was to pick one thing I feel you'd need to work on, it'd be depth, to make some of the characters a little more three dimensional.

Overall, this is good, promising stuff, so keep it up and please show us more (especially if they're more auburn haired girls...) :) What program/tools are you using to do your art?


Forsaken102 2004-08-07 23:20

I started out on MS paint... but I'm up to Photoshop now.

That last one, NightWish... I did that completely on a tablet (my first attempt ever!!)

Just some cheap $50 tablet from ebay. Nothing fancy.

DukeGaladrien 2004-08-08 01:57

Thought I would give some tips on your latest work "Nightwish" that could spruce it up a bit. It looks pretty neat but I think it could look a lot better with a couple minor changes (if you feel like revisiting it that is).

Both the nose and lips probably should be raised on the face ever so slightly. Lightening up the lip-stick a bit would allow you to make the lips more 3D with shading, along with adding the little indent just under the lips. As you seem to be going for a realistic look, the iris's of the eyes should be smaller. The pupils should also be smaller and not obscured (at least not in that pose with her eyes open that much). The eye lashes should be a little longer, with the upper ones curved out and up to give a more feminine look. The nose of course can look however, but I would suggest widening the bottom if it just a little. The jawline and chin look good, but you may want to widen the chin a bit if you are going for realistic.

Bleh just a bunch of very minor changes. I do like the picture, but thought I'd give some input. I think the only think I picked up out of art class a few years back in HS was about how to draw fairly realistic facial features (though I don't even use that stuff drawing anime-ish characters in general).

Anyways keep up the good art Forsaken :)

Forsaken102 2005-01-01 20:50

Hey, my 10 year old cousin Ariel wanted me to post this for her. This is her first try at drawing, and she'd like to hear what you think.

His name is Tux. :)

Ahh... corrupting the youth with my love of anime. :D

WaterSideAngel 2005-01-01 20:58

Your art is really good there Forsaken...keep it the good work :D

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