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SPINAL-BRAIN 2004-06-22 16:10

Anyone playing Silent Hill 4: The Room (jap) version?
Well, I know there are some threads regarding Silent Hill 4: The Room, but what they discussed on those threads were based on the E3 trailer and such. What I was wondering if anyone is playing the game right now. If yes, what do you think about the gameplay. I bought the game recently from Himeya, and I just absolutely love the game so far. It's amazing, not only because of its graphic quality and errie "wornd-out-style-movie-play-back" texture but as well as how the story starts to fold. It's wonderful which only you will understand if you start to play the game. When you saw the E3 trailer, it might have freaked you out. But believe me when I say this that E3 trailer was nothing compare to the gameplay that you yourself experience. Prepare to get really freak out when you are out of "The Room" and wonders around the alternate universe of the Silent Hill. The creature desighs are awesome as well as the new control system which is a real-time, by the way. Well, I won't say much about the game since you have to play the game to feel the tension. Just play the game alone and at night time, trust me you will not be able to sleep for the night...hehe..I didn't...;)

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