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Remian 2004-06-24 16:41

Games,Toys,Cards etc. Reviews
Here I will be posting reviews for various games,toys,cards,etc.

I dont mind gettin flamed because of what i say about certain games, but let me say right now that my decision is MY decision, and I dont rate games depending on opinion.

Plz guys, If u want to make your own reviews, dont post in my thread, make your own. My Idea tank is empty so feel free to post any type of game,toy,card,etc. you would like me to review. I am a TRAINED rater so dont excpect anthing amaturish.

Thank You


Remian 2004-06-25 13:58

Gunbound v.s. Runescape
Ok all. Here is something i have been bugged to do, Gunbound VS Runescape.

For those of you who dont know(all 3 of you)Gunbound is an MMORPG made by softnyx. Gunbound is an MMORPG becuase it is:

a) turn based
b) strategic
c) gives characater development
d) customizable characters

Unlike most MMORPGs, Gunbound is a tank game a bit like Worms in which you choose between 7(or 8) tanks and then engage in turn based timed combat in which you and your opponent(s) lower eachothers health by well pased shots based on Wind strength, Wind Direction, Shot Strength, and Shot Direction. Each Tank(Mobile as they are called in the game) has its own traits, shot types, and weaknesses.
The Problem about Gunbound is that despite its originality, The Four Game modes(Tag, Score, Solo, and Jewel) arent that much different. the main goal is just attacking your opponent....aside from Jewel. Jewel is a game where you Jewels(Rayons, as they are called in the game) Each Rayon gives you and amount of points, and when time is up, the team withn the most points win. Gunbound also features and Avatar feature which allows you to customize your character in many differnet ways from Attack power, to Health.
Unlike most MMORPGs, Gunbound doesnt encourage players to make friends. Gunbounds originality and the fact that it is FREE, makes it a popular online game.

************************************************** ***************

Runescape...A more traditional MMORPG in which you create a character, and travel the world in search of items, objects, fellow warriors, and ADVENTURE!!!
Runescape is addicting, and its simple gameplay makes it easy for anyone. like all RPGs, you can costumize your guy and become strong and powerful. Runescape encourages you to journey the world with friends as most places are dangerous for one person. Howevor, Runescape has HORRIBLE graphics. Im talking worse than...Genesis. These graphics are what make Runescape avoidable by those who want to enter another world. Runescape is filled with many kind players, and most take on their own to have jobs. This is what maikes Runescape great. Players can one day go and say "Hey people, I can mine gold for you" or "Yo, I am sellling fish". This makes Runescape fun. as you can actually feel as if you are in another world. What really screws Runescape though, is its lack of Originality. Its just an MMORPG. Thats it. No Clans, no armies, just a typical MMORPG. Thats what makes Runescape bad. Runescape isnt as addicting as Gunbound, but those who want a typical, FREE, MMORPG experience should play this.

************************************************** ***************



*Addicting and fun
*Lots of ways to customize characters
*makes a great party


*Not enough gameplay variety
*To many scammers
*Takes a long time to actually customize character



*Many kind players
*Lots of ways to change gameplay to your choosing
* Many People to become friends with


*Many scammers/hackers(Runescape is WAY to easy to hack)
* Not enough Variety
*Not very different
*Aweful Graphics
*Due to bad graphics, its hard to have a true MMORPG experience


Ok all. I need some time to think about the winner, but it will help if you guys Post what you think OK!!!

Kenchii 2004-06-29 22:07

Gunbound roxs... What about Ragnarok? It rocks!!

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