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Crimson 2003-11-26 06:51

Anime Magazines
Does anyone here buys this anime magazine? I've been wanting to get this magazine for a while now but i couldn't find a place to purchase it. So if anyone buys it and knows a place where i can buy the current issue i would greatly appreciate it.

Wandering A.I. 2003-11-26 10:10

I've never shopped in Long Island (I do crash a friends house there to enjoy the beaches every summer, though ^^), but Manhattan has several Japanese book stores you could look up and visit Asahiya, Book Off, Kinokuniya. There used to be one right next to Grand Central I always used to browse at which I know had Megami, but I think they closed (not so bad for me actually since I always had to tack an extra hour or two onto my travel times to college or the Japan Society for that, hehehe). T.T

Anyway, the other option is just subscribing from some third party. Several sites are willing to ship the magazine to you each month. I currently use to get Megami sent each month, but I subscribed over a year ago so other places might offer better prices now. They do use these hard flat cardboard packages that protect the magazine nicely (and you get a tracking number), though, and have always been great on the phone to me (changing address, renewing, etc).

Edit: I decided to clean out my favorites in this area so here are some links ^^: (there's also one at the Mitsuwa in Edgewater with a bus from the Port Authority and back) (might be the one that closed, call first) (NYC store listed bottom right)
Phone book or web search might be more up to date, hehehe.

Wandering A.I. 2003-11-26 10:27

BTW, wasn't the last issue the one full of bloomers posters? Guess we know your weakness, hehehe. ^^ j/k

LynnieS 2003-11-26 10:34

The Kinokuniya bookstore in Manhattan is on W49th and across from the skating rink in Rockerfeller Center (at the corner of Fifth Avenue).

Asahiya has reopened on E45th between Madison and Fifth.

Both should carry Megami in stock; Asahiya might have the better price for it, however.

[maven] 2003-11-26 10:43

You can buy single issues as well as subscriptions from JList, good service and fast shipping. Left way too much money to them already...

Crimson 2003-11-26 11:10


Originally Posted by [maven]
You can buy single issues as well as subscriptions from JList, good service and fast shipping. Left way too much money to them already...

Thanks for the info guys, i wish i had to money to go to manhattan right now, and i really don't want to travel all the way there to buy a magazine. Thats for the info though because now i know where i can buy the magazine the city whenever i go there.

I'm going to check out Jlist to see what they have ^^

Crimson 2003-11-26 11:40

OMG!, Jlist is charging 6.80 for shipping and handling, thats crazy o.O.

Koshiba 2003-11-26 11:51


Originally Posted by Crimson
OMG!, Jlist is charging 6.80 for shipping and handling, thats crazy o.O.

Eh.. That seems to be how much all the other places are charging for shipping and handling too.

zalas 2003-11-26 13:01


Originally Posted by Koshiba
Eh.. That seems to be how much all the other places are charging for shipping and handling too.

Oh well, if you live in New York, going over to Kinokuniya to pick up the latest copy is the best deal IMO. I've found the Mitsuwa Kinokuniya to carry a lot more of these types of magazines, along with phonebooks. Maybe I just got lost in the manhattan one :)

LynnieS 2003-11-26 15:10

JList is based out of Japan, no? You're sending stuff across the Pacific and across the U.S. if so, and it's only a magazine.

You might get a better deal if you call up either Kinokuniya or Asahiya directly and ask if they offer a monthly subscription service for the title. There is usually a minimum number of months to which you have to commit - like 3 to 6 months, I think - and payment is in advance; that's the way Kinokuniya handled my subscription to "Shonen" in the past.

Add in the U.S. postal mail, though, you're not too likely to save a huge deal doing it this way - assuming that they're can do non-first class postage for shipping.

zalas - LOL! Kinonuniya can use some rearrangement of its stock and shelves, IMHO...

Edit - Actually, JList looks to be based out of San Diego, but they may be shipping directly out of Japan instead of holding a selection in a warehouse in the U.S.

Cz 2003-11-26 17:58

Animenation has NewType (which I want) for $9.95 per month, plus $6.50 shipping. Wow, that's almost $17 per issue, which is quite a lot of money. :eek: Oh how I wish I stayed in New York (or even better, in Japan! :p)

Princess_of_Hell 2004-03-13 18:48

Anime Magazines
Which ones do you read? What do you like better? Do you have/read any Japanese magazines?

Here is the cover for the April issue of NewType (JP):

Kurara 2004-03-13 18:59

I admit I don't read a lot of anime magazines. ^^;; I used to read Animerica and Protoculture Addicts but they were too expensive, so I stopped buying them.. Also they wouldn't necessarily review recent series at the time, so I started buying video game mags instead. :P I sometimes buy Newtype if I have money, though. ^^;

Kaoru 2004-03-13 21:10

I don't buy many anime mags due to lack of money, but I do read them from time to time. I'll pickup Newtype (both japanese and english) or Protoculture Addicts whenever I go to the bookstore. I favor these two because I'm all about content. Lots of pictures and goodies, especially when they cover a favorite anime of mine. ^_^

Kaka 2004-03-14 20:48

although they are expensive, I sometimes do buy the magazines
cuz what they are giving out are pretty attracting :D

Aaron_b 2004-03-14 22:57

I used to buy Animerica off of the rack and read it faithfully years ago... But their articles and interviews began to water down, and soon I just wasn't attracted to it anymore. Plus, it's expensive. As for Newtype, I don't buy it often, but if there is a cover story that I absolutely must read about then I'll purchase an issue (such as Witch Hunter Robin last fall). But I don't buy it frequently because, well, it's expensive. As far as online magazines go, I read Animefringe.come every month (I kind of have to... :P).

Kyuven 2004-03-14 23:18

i buy newtype as much as possible
i must be their exact sale demographic because the last 6 months have all had articles, posts, and centerfolds that appeal to me
it also helps me in my manga/anime purchasing decisions (even though i tend to buy the manga before the review comes out -_-)

<xellos> 2004-03-14 23:18

i like this magazine called Anime Insider, but as for NewType, for Canada its $145 for a subscription, and theres only one place in my city to pick up the magazine

Za Paper 2004-03-14 23:36

I subscribe to Newtype USA. What I like about it are the large color pictures and info on just about every upcoming or now airing anime. Something the other anime magazines just dont have.

ShanChan 2004-03-14 23:45

I don't really read Anime Magazines myself...I wish I had the money and time to.

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