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2961883 2004-06-25 01:31

Initial D - PC game (BT)
Link removed

Website about the game:

Sanjuronord 2004-06-25 01:41

Are you high?
This is warez and not allowed here.
You can buy the game for 20 bucks at walmart. Seriously...

Tritium 2004-06-25 04:03

thnx man :D i can't get that game here :(

edit: hmmz this game is really easy, i'll stay with GT3

ElvenPath 2004-06-25 22:02

2. Do not ask for other illegal materials either
Obviously discussions about getting any other illegal materials, such as Ripped Music CDs (such as Anime OSTs), ROMs, ISOs, Warez etc. are not allowed either. Threads which break this rule will be either closed or simply deleted.


Originally Posted by GHDpro
Posting links to or ask how to get warez, licensed or untranslated games is NOT allowed!
Doing so may result in immediate permanent ban without warning!

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