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HK anime seeker 2004-06-29 02:17

Konomini Poster?
Just wondering if these exsist and if it is possiable to get them either from online stores or so of you Japanese forumn people :heh: . Hope you can help me out here if you can.


PsionicXero 2004-06-30 03:21

Well, if they have a life size doll or Hikari, then y not a life size poster??
and if they do have a life size poster, then i hope they have a ecchi one :cool:

Yamano667 2004-07-01 00:54

take a very neat jpeg file and take it to the nearest kodak or graphical store
near you, and they will print it poster size :D

few friends of mine do that all the time and the picture quality is very good

PsionicXero 2004-07-01 05:22

Well, what do they do for the life size posters?

nephilim 2004-07-15 11:26

I have a standee of Hikari from the Megumi Magazine Issue 50, and a pencil board which looks like this:

The Magazine and standee:

PsionicXero 2004-07-16 02:10

Wow, ur one lucky guy. i bet u have more but just arent tell us =)

HK anime seeker 2004-07-19 03:04

Well after combing the Hong Kong streets I finial got my hand on a Konomini item that justifies all the time spent browsing the web and using babelfish as a translation tool.

I got a plastic folder with two images, one side with one like this and the other side like this Now its mounted on my wall.

I asked the owner of the establishment when new stuff is combing in and he just replied, whatever they sell we'll sell. So I'm going to be camping the place for some time: heh:

So what have you got to satisfy you hunger, or what you would like so you can satisfy it. Just post the merchandise details so we can all enjoy the fact that one of us has something to remind them of the anime we love and maybe, just maybe we can help each other hunt down the items of our desires and fulfil our dreams.

If you have any anime items that exist (For example key chains or Mobile phone accessories) you can just ask me and Iíll see if it was a phantom memory or real steal.

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