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Paiser 2004-06-29 11:55

July 17 annouce something. I cant read japanese so... Anyone can help? Its at any one can confirm it? :)

.Rurouni. 2004-06-29 12:08

It says

At "This ugly and beautiful world" Konomini broadcast decision! Day and time: July 17th (the Saturday) from every week Saturday nighttime 1: 00? 1: 30 As for details please read the home page of Konomini

I think I translated it right now if I made a misstake anywhere please correct it :)

dreamless 2004-06-29 12:31

it says konomini will be aired in animax from 7/17, meaning it will be aired in another animation channel.

Paiser 2004-06-29 12:55

TT_TT ima go cry.. no ova?

.Rurouni. 2004-06-29 13:01

hmm a friend of mine said there would be a movie or ova later this year I think

Paiser 2004-06-29 14:49

u better hope so or i kill u!(jk)

PsionicXero 2004-06-30 03:07

Well, i hope they come out with something, cuz the ending is too dry. Btw, if my sig is too big again tell me, cuz the rules say 222 pix is the max and mine is 200...

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