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GarBhaD 2004-07-01 18:11

Hidden Frame?
I found this while watching the last episode of KonoMini. It was in AonE-Onigiri's version and it appears at 15:40


Did somebody notice this? It's pretty easy to see and I found it just watching it normally (I mean, I don't watch anime frame by frame :P ).
What's its meaning? Just a "secret" ad?

Paiser 2004-07-02 23:13

u got a good eye.
uh... it is sign....
I caught it too. And its at LAST EPISODE!

sanjuro 2004-07-03 03:03

uh... media offline?

GarBhaD 2004-07-03 09:28

Maybe I have better sight than I thought :)
I'm the kind of guy who is a bit picky about animation and cares about it.

Before when I said "secret ad", I wanted to say "subliminal advertising".

Anyway, has someone else seen it in another version of KonoMini ep12, like A-Keep's? Could it be an error of the staff? (I really doubt it, though)
Anybody knows what is "Media Offline"??? (a company or a registered trademark?)

These guys at Gainax are so weird, who knows...

onigiri 2004-07-03 09:52

O_O...nya...somehow...this gives me the creeps... :uhoh: ...

Paiser 2004-07-03 11:48

it will be funny... if the 2nd season if there is one will be like steel angel kurumi. Funny as hell if it ends up like that

nephilim 2004-07-03 11:53

maybe it's just an easter egg? or the video recorder went bonkers during the end of the recording

dreamless 2004-07-03 13:22

maybe this is the sign that they are doing "something" in the light... :D

GarBhaD 2004-07-03 15:01

I've been looking for "Media Offline" with Google and I reached the conclusion that this is a typical message error from a digital-video editing application. So, I guess that this is a little error with the raw.


Originally Posted by nephilim
... or the video recorder went bonkers during the end of the recording

So I guess you were right :) .
If the other versions of this episode come from the same source, they will have the same error. Has any of you watched any other version? A-Keep's, for example. It's just to be sure about it.

PsionicXero 2004-07-04 02:23

Well, i didnt see anything, 15:40 for me was just a white screen...

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