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Scrumhalf 2004-07-03 07:53

Can any of lads suggest/recommend me any other great MMORPG games out there? Preferably anything thats similiar to Ragnarok Online. Free of course. Cheers.

Draikan7 2004-07-03 17:17

mmm, hard to find free mmrpgs of great quality...
next mmrpg i'm waiting for is world of warcraft, although u will have to pay monthly.

Chosen 2004-07-03 23:17

Well, you could download the Dark Age of Camelot trial.

H2-FumoGuu 2004-07-05 00:13

Yogurting ( is still in closed beta stages in Korea but it looks AWESOME. Definitely check out the intro movie, too.

Aquatic Fox 2004-07-05 20:52

A new one called Guild Wars is coming out fairly soon which has no monthly fee but you do have to pay for the game, although I dont know too much about it.

JediNight 2004-07-06 00:57


Originally Posted by H2-FumoGuu
Yogurting ( is still in closed beta stages in Korea but it looks AWESOME. Definitely check out the intro movie, too.

It's amazing! A Korean MMO that actually uses 3rd models for characters! ..... Too bad the 3d models are still 2d cel-shaded to finish LOL ....

Village Idiot 2004-07-06 01:01

I played the Guild Wars E3 For Everyone Demo, and my god, it's only in Alpha, but I have no doubts that it will be Game of 2004.

Make sure to get it when it comes out.

Kamui4356 2004-07-06 17:34

You could try priston tale. It's in open beta and will continue to be for the a while. It's only about half complete, has only 1 quest, has quite a bit of lag, and not much variety in monsters, characters or weapons. Other than that it's great. :heh: check it out at
edit: pt is no longer free. Now they want 13 bucks a month. You'd think they'd give players a little more warning then 24 hours... For that much a month you might as well get ff online.

bubblehead 2004-07-06 19:39

I used to play Planeshift when it was in the pre-alpha stages. ^^;

I don't know what stage it's in now but apparently they've finally gotten the combat system in place (apparently you can PvP but only if you want to). It was no fun pre-combat, especially since there was almost no one on the servers. However it IS free (and open source at that) and it may have improved tremendously. I did like the races (cat people, elves, dwarves, etc.) and it was kind of fun when I found a way to walk around underneath the city (not in caverns, but sort of a grey zone which wasn't supposed to be there).

The website is here.

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