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Knuckles 2003-11-26 22:25

Favorite 5 anime OST
At the risk of creating another useless top/favorite something thread, I would like to
ask what your favorite 5 (more or less) anime OST are.

Mine are as follows:

Escaflowne: Yoko Kanno best work in my opinion.
Evangelion: Love the vocals and the BGM, also some great classical music in between.
Cowboy Bebop: Great jazz, and I am not realy a jazz fan myself
Macross Plus: Also Yoko Kannon, lots of funky music.
Ghost in the shell - Stand alone complex: I like the second OST more though,
but great rock and techno on both OSTs.

Guess you could say Yoko Kannon is my favorite composer.

Other great OST I like to mention are: Utena, Berserk, .Hack Sign, and
Perfect Blue (only because of Ai no Tenshi :))

Tomomi 2003-11-26 23:31

Here's mine:

Last Exile
Card Captor Sakura


Keitaro 2003-11-27 01:33

My top 5 OSTs as of right now

Furi Kuri
Full Moon wo Sagashite
Princess mononoke
Princess Tutu

LiQuid|J 2003-11-27 01:53

I'm really not a big fan of anime OST's, though I love collecting good vocal singles. A few notable exceptions though are Cowboy Bebop and FLCL. Those 2 I think are really set apart from nearly everything else I've ever heard.

Oneesama 2003-11-27 04:35

I love songs........found most anime OST are really really good.........

Hikaru no go "get over"
Inuyasha "Deep forest"
Fruits basket "For"
Gumdam( cant remember which one, I think the Waltz) "rythem emotion" and "White Reflection"
Fullmoon "Eternal Snow" and "Lets sing a song"~ correct me if I am wrong :P

JacobM5727 2003-11-27 07:41

#1 Saishuuheiki Kanojo
#2 Gundam Seed
#4 Haibane Renmei
#5 Kiddy Grade

Sabin 2003-11-29 14:45

Ok I'll try to keep it to 5.

2. Cowboy Bebop (movie and series though i like the movie soundtrack more)
3. Noir and GITS:SAC (tie)
4. .hack//sign
5. RahXephon or Gundam Seed (can't decide which is better)

144M_HYPERION 2003-11-29 17:29

1) Escaflowne "Lovers Only" (Yoko Kanno is very talented)
2) Last Exile OST#1+2 (Dolce Triade is awesome man!)
3) Gundam Seed OST #3 (best among the 3)
4) D.N.ANGEL TV OST #1 (what can I say ... is just great)
5) Neon Genesis Evangelion OST#2 (Thanatos -> very emotional)

saku~ya 2003-11-29 19:05

I love OST's its gonna be hard to choose just 5 :heh:

1.)Cardcaptor Sakura
2.)Stellvia of the Universe
3.)Scrapped Princess
4.)Hikaru No Go
5.)Tenchi Muyo!

Knuckles 2003-11-29 20:39


Originally Posted by saku~ya
I love OST's its gonna be hard to choose just 5 :heh:

Well you can list more if you want, like I said "favorite 5 (more or less)",
that can mean almost whatever number n you want, within reasonable bounds.
For example (n : 0 < n < 11 ) ;).

luckme10 2003-11-30 08:32

Noir 1
Noir 2
did I mention Noir?

primitiveone 2003-12-01 23:52

#1 - Naruto OST 1
#2 - Inu yasha OST 1
#3 - .hack//sign OST 1
#4 - Full Metal Panic OST 1
#5 - Hellsing Raid

Jin 2003-12-03 16:07

1. Gundam Seed OST (they're all good but 3 is the best)
2. GetBackers
3. Flame Of Recca OST 1
4. .Hack//Sign
5. Naruto

Seta 2003-12-04 06:23

I don't really differentiate between different OSTs for the same series too much.

#1: Cowboy Bebop
#2: FLCL
#3: Escaflowne
#4: Last Exile
#5: Noir

I'm not sure if there are OSTs for Kaleido Star or R.O.D. TV but if there are, they would be up there as well. :D

Tamahome 2003-12-06 15:10


2) Helllsing
3) Sailor Moon
4) El Hazard
5) Noir

wsheit 2003-12-07 21:10

Cool, somebody else likes the Scrapped Princess OST :)

yeah, here's mine:

1. Scrapped Princess
2. Naruto
3. Avenger
4. Spirited Away
5. Princess Mononoke

I pretty sure that Shingetsutan Tsukihime is going to fit in here somewhere when it comes out

Kenji 2003-12-07 21:39

- Noir
- Read or Die
- Cowboy Bebop
- Rurouni Kenshin (Ovas)

The I also like very much, Escaflowne, Hack Sign, Hellsing, Wolf's Rain, Saint Seiya and so on...

Hannah's_Knight 2003-12-09 19:38

Anime music is something that really keeps me watching an Anime...and gets the emotions flowing so these are important choices to me ^.^:

1:Serial Experiments Lain
All OSTs, Original, Bootleg and Cyberia are stunning although I prefer the Cyberia to the rest. I'm obsessed with the track INFANiTY World, that song just RULES!

2: Cardcaptor Sakura
Can't get enough of the cute voices and pretty backings, Anime/Jpop at its finest...brings back many memories too ^^

3: Kanon
I'm sure people'll scorn me for this choice but the only reason I really liked it was because of the way it made me cry listening to the Opening and Ending for the next month after watchig it...I liked a lot of the BGMs too, very pretty

4: Chobits
Although I must have heard so much of the opening that I want to kill myself when I start hearing the "Ooh ooh, ooh ooh, yeah!" of Let me be With You, I still adore this soundtrack.

5: Cowboy Bebop
Anything by Yoko Kanno is stunning so I'll put this down too ^^

UssoKK 2003-12-09 21:05

I don't have a favorite, but here are my top 5 (in no particular order, I probably like them all the same)

Big O OST - Jazz, Classical, even a touch of 50's sci fi, with a good dose of dark humorous tracks in there too

Haibane Renmei- It's impossible to belive this in an anime soundtrack- but since HR is such a beautiful anime, it deserves beautiful music. Pre-Bach, beautiful celtic music.

Victory Gundam- Gundam soundtracks all always great- and this makes heavy use of violins to convery Victory GUndam's epic plot

Gundam 08th MS Team: Recorded in PHALA (Prague) Performed by a live orchestra in Prague, this contains soft, dreamy tracks as well as brass heavy military style songs

Er.....that's all I guess. I also like Kiki's Delvery Service, Spirted Away, Lupin III....

guynextdoor 2003-12-13 20:27

1. FLCL - anything else just doesnt fit here
2.Cowboy Bebop - jazz + yokko kanno = need i say more ?
3.Macross Plus - also by yokko kanno
4.RahXephon - No. 1 OST for a mecha anime
5.Last Exile/Naruto/Gundam Seed - all these are all good

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