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Draikan7 2004-07-03 17:20

What are some of your favorite pieces from video games?

AG3 2004-07-03 17:49

Too many to list... O_O

Well, I'll list a few:

Megaman X series: I've always liked the rock-style music of the Megaman X games. It's one of the few game series I've played that utilizes such music. Granted, there are a lot of games I haven't played, especially un-translated ones.

Final Fantasy series: I didn't get into this series (and the PS1) until 1998 (with FFVII). The music was quite unlike what I was used to in other games, maybe except a few of the SNES games I played in my younger days. Some of the pieces are just beautiful. My favorites are Melodies of Life (FFIX, Japanese version), the FFIX Battle theme, and a few FFVIII songs I can't remember the names of.

The Legend of Zelda series: Wow, I still remember getting Zelda 1 for christmas many, many years ago... The Zelda main theme is just great, and Ocarina of Time credits sequence music is just lovely.

Lufia 2: Rise of the Sinistrals: An old SNES games, with music I couldn't believe the little grey box was able to produce. Best boss theme I've ever heard! (I think...)

There are loads more, but these are the ones that comes to mind right now.

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