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SSJMax 2003-11-27 00:52

Any Good Anime?
Can some one tell me what new anime is good that has acction????? allready seen naruto :)

Tomomi 2003-11-27 00:55

Try Get Backers! :D

JAppi 2003-11-27 01:39

No, we all hate anime here. There are none.

You should probably try stuff out and see if you like it. I'd suggest you try some of the series in the animesukitorrents section.

Kawaii_Sennin 2003-11-27 05:39

Airmaster is pretty good. The only part that bugs me is the girl with huge "muscles". I didn't know they made them that big.

[NoiR]Kirika 2003-11-27 13:28

You could try Last Exile. This is a good one

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