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Remian 2004-07-05 13:13

Duel Masters vs Yu-Gi-Oh Anime/TCG
Yo, i just wanted to start your thoughts :D

Karma 2004-07-06 18:03


Originally Posted by Remian
Yo, i just wanted to start your thoughts :D

Hmm. Not very interested are you? Anyways, game wise Duel Masters has my vote. I've played for a couple months and it's fun. Yu-Gi-Oh never caught my interest 'cuz it's complicated and there are WAY too many game mechanics. Duel Masters also reminded me of Magic the Gathering a lot, which is something I've played since I was 6 or 7. So Duel Masters wins there.
Anime wise, Yu-Gi-Oh has 1). Better animation, not always a good point, but it's certainly nice, 2). Better characters, given that they're all the stereotypes of anime characters, 3). Better plot and chacter develoment, and 4). It's a lot 'deeper' than Duel Masters is. Plainly put, there's a lot more meaning in Yu-Gi-Oh than Duel Masters.
Also, another thing I don't care about, is the 'fact' that Duel Masters is a rip off of probably is, but who cares, everything new is based on something popular. Check out the Duel Masters game though, for like 10$ you can get a starter deck and 3$ for a booster pack of like 11 cards.

Remian 2004-07-07 14:50

I play Duel Masters and Yu-Gi-Oh. What gets me hooked to the Duel Masters Card Game is that it has WAY better rules than the YGO TCG. Who wants to waste time calculating life points??? Even though most of us use a calculator, stopping to calculate ruins the whole flow of the game.

I like the Duel Masters anime better. Sure YGO has WAY better animation, but Duel Masters isnt all about some kid and a card a game, DM is a fun show. YGO, in reality, is a card based soap opera.... And it isnt very realistic when you use cards to save the world....

Duel Masters gets my vote

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