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Triple zZz 2003-11-27 05:49

BIG poll
How about creating a general poll of all the animesuki's series in the suggestion forum..??
This way, people can just go to the poll and check the top3, top 5 or top 20 of the most watched serie for dl.. instead of asking every time "which anime is good"..
maybe divide the poll into genres to make it smaller..
also update the poll when new series come out(adding them)
& get lincesed(take them out)..

NoSanninWa 2003-11-27 06:08

Oh by all that is holy, no way in Heck! This idea is bad in so many ways that I don't even want to enumerate them!
(Yet strangely, I feel compelled to do so.)
  • Polls can't be made that large so it would take a whole lot of polls conducted over a period of time with run-offs. The whole project gets hellishly repetitive and boring.
  • Who decides which anime to include? Do we just include everything was ever on BitTorrent? Or only what is available now? Perhaps we should include series that were digisubbed in the days before BitTorrent?
  • The poll is meaningless, since tastes differ. Quite frankly it is better for people to say what they like or what they are looking for. That way we can give them meaningful recommendations.
  • If we divide it into genres, then it becomes more meaningful, but what do we do with the shows that cross genres? Do we list them in two different categories? Or do they get short shrift in one?
  • How the heck are we suppose to update the poll? The software doesn't allow someone to change their vote, so we have to issue the never ending rounds of polls all over again!
  • I see enough polls on AnimeSuki and quite frankly I'm getting sick of them.
I think that's quite enough.

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