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pKjd 2004-07-10 02:27

'Fullmetal Alchemist' The Movie
The rumor has now been confirmed...

A 'Hagane no Renkinjutsushi' (Fullmetal Alchemist) movie is to be released theatrically in the summer of 2005. The official announcement of this shocking news will be in the August 04' issue of 'Shonen GanGan' magazine (on sale July 12).

Source: ultimatum.

*Look under the 07/09/2004 entries.

MidoriShinobi 2004-07-10 02:46

Eh? Really?! I'm so happy!!

Although.. I hope it isn't completely AU..

(Midori isn't sure what AU means, but she thinks it sounds appropriate)

Rattus 2004-07-10 05:12

Argh, I'm not a big fan of one-off big screen adventures... what makes FMA so good is the continued storyline.

Gravi-T 2004-07-10 08:00

I agree with Rattus.

But I also think that this could make a great movie. With Widescreen, more colours, better shadowing, better sound-quality (although for us non-japanese, it won't be in the theater, but for the people in Japan it will be better sound-quality in the theater rather than the TV), a new soundtrack, new characters (if Pride doesn't show up...), a new storyline and so on.
Since the series will end this fall, it would be nice to have a sequel the summer after that! Also a lot of people will have bought the DVDs, so its popularity would be widened and people will like this movie. I am sure of it.

Go 2005 go! It's the same year as the new Zelda for GCN and also Star Wars Episode III. :)

Guido 2004-07-10 12:40

Likely the FMA movie will end up being a parrallel recapitulation of the anime's plot but taking place within an alternate reality and presenting a whole new set of different characters, except for the Elric brothers.

Just as it was the case in

Escaflowne: A Girl in Gaea Movie from the TV series.


Utena: End of Adolescence Movie from the TV series.

Pepperidge 2004-07-10 18:19

Nah, they don't generally do that with manga-based shonen series. (Though I still question the manga as the source material, but whatever.)

It's probably going to be a sidestory similar to the games.

Rattus 2004-07-10 18:28

i.e. a "let's all make new friends, introduce an issue, grow and learn from it in 90 mins" story-in-a-can. I can't hardly wait. :( I'd be excited if we were expecting something of the depth "Fullmetal Alchemist: So Good It's Spirited Away 2", but I've never seen a decent anime series-to-movie. Am I just watching all the wrong things?

ChainLegacy 2004-07-10 18:44

The case could be that this movie would look into the happenings of the Elrics after the storyline of FMA, since it looks like FMA would be finished by the time this movie is released.

Fighter Volk 2004-07-10 20:09

Interesting. I don't think I'm very happy about it, just because most series-to-movie efforts haven't worked out too well, but I'm sure my true opinion will be formed once I see the ending to the series.

Since it's Bones, I wouldn't be surprised if it was something along the lines of the Escaflowne movie or the RahXephon movie, as in a summary of the series, except with some stuff changed. Then again, it might be like the Bebop movie since that's also Bones - a side story during the series.

We'll see in 2005.

Come to think of it (again, all my current musings will surely change during these next thirteen episodes), I would love to see a movie based only on Scar, his brother, and human Lust. With Scar's brother being the main character, so that we would see the transmutation scene in full and stuff...

All this might be shown in the anime, though, so who knows?

h0llerfr0nt 2004-07-10 21:07

Heh, this just somehow reminded me of the movie, Final Fantasy: Spirits Within, if that was the name. I watched it because I liked Final Fantasy so much, but it wasn`t like Final Fantasy, in my opinion, although it was good.
I`m thinking the movie will sort of be like that? Probably the same characters but a different object.

agrippa 2004-07-11 02:16

If its anywhere near as good as the Cowboy Bebop movie Ill be a happy camper!

GokuSongoku 2004-07-11 08:37

Live action or just normal anime??

Gravi-T 2004-07-11 10:13


Originally Posted by GokuSongoku
Live action or just normal anime??


Well... if it was a Live Action movie, they'd screw everything up. I don't think they can make a good Live Action movie out of FMA.

It's an anime movie, yes.

Sakaki Nijuro 2004-07-11 10:50

Thank you for this information---!!
I'm so happy!
2004 was full of many anime movies such as "Innocence" "Steam boy""Haul's moving castle", but I hope, we can enjoy many anime films next year, too.
Now I want to know what anime company will create this. I'm counting on Sunrise's work(or...production I.G?).

PS...Then, it became sure that we can enjoy 2 films from Sunrise:"Gundam Z" & "Fullmetal Alchemist the movie". :)

Fighter Volk 2004-07-11 12:20


Originally Posted by agrippa
If its anywhere near as good as the Cowboy Bebop movie Ill be a happy camper!

I love the new sig Zauren!

I am ashamed to say that I have not yet seen the Cowboy Bebop movie. I will now hide my face in shame behind this help sign: :help:

As for 2004 movies, I'm excited about Steamboy, Innocence, and Kakurenbo mainly - and, above all else released this year (since 2002 actually), the holy Ghibli will ascend and bring to us Howl's Moving Castle. I can't wait.

Gravi-T 2004-07-11 14:25


Originally Posted by Fighter Volk
I love the new sig Zauren!

Wait, wait... whaaa...?

agrippa = Zauren?

I think you have them confused because of the same Avatar. Or is it the same person? Hmm...

Anyway... can't wait for Howl's Moving Castle to come out! Another Miyazaki-masterpiece for certain!

And the FMA movie will be awesome! :)

Whoa, I can't believe it!
agrippa stole Zauren's avatar!

Agrippa, unless you were permitted to use that avatar by the creator of the GIF, I would suggest you change avatar, since someone else is using it, namely Zauren. Well, he might not be the creator of it... there are so many people making GIFs in the GIF-thread, that I can't remember who has made which GIF. :P

Fighter Volk 2004-07-11 19:38

Holy smokes. I totally thought that was Zauren. Bad bad Fighter :upset:

The funny thing is I noticed the shop smart shop mart thing underneath his username and I didn't notice his username. Sad...

state_alchemist 2004-07-12 15:17

Really!!! A movie! Sweet!! I can't wait to see it. I hope that they will have Hughes in the movie!

Seroth 2004-07-12 17:22

Hughes would be nice, yeah...

Anyhoo, I wonder what it's gonna be about...if it's about what happens áfter the TV series, then I doubt hughes would be in it (unless he'd be resurrected which would suck because then his death would be meaningless). I am looking forward to it though. I mean, even if it won't live up to the series, it's still 90 minutes of FMA sweetness. And seeing as the series is finished by that time, any extra FMA stuff would be nice, so, I'm just gonna wait and hope for the best.

agrippa 2004-07-12 20:12

Yea im not Zauren :)

I got this avatar from a friend..might have taken it from this forum

I pmed Zauren..ill get it worked out

Thanks for the props on the sig tho hehe

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