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wnkryo 2003-11-27 17:11

Happy ThanksGiving!
Just wanna say Happy Thanks giving, and wanted to know what you guys are up to for this holiday. Me my self, am eatin up the turkey at my house.

DAK 2003-11-27 18:37

Happy thanksgiving everyone. Myself I'm Canadian so my thanksgiving has passed (American thanksgiving celebrates the pilgrims and natives.. Canadian celebrates the return of Hockey season! whoooo! ^_^)

Enjoy your thanksgiving meal, enjoy your holiday, don't go eating too much ;)

ARNEL98 2003-11-27 18:43

yeah, happy thanksgiving everyone!!!

gravitation 2003-11-27 19:03

HAPPY THANKSGIVING AMERICAN FOLK! ^_^ ... awww i want to have a holiday in which i get to eat :D

uglypigs 2003-11-27 19:15

happy turkey day peeps.

PiGGiEE 2003-11-27 19:36


I'm gonna be a stuffed piggiee tonite!

Yummmy turkey, mash potatoes, corn, etc... and can't forget the dessert! :D

gravitation 2003-11-27 19:38


i'm gonna be a stuffed piggiee tonite!
Yummmy turkey, mash potatoes, corn, etc... and can't forget the dessert!
mmmm pig *drooling while staring at piggie* aghhhh lol just kiddin! im a vegeterian anyways ^_^

Sun_Tze 2003-11-27 19:48

s0nicfreak 2003-11-27 19:57

Thanksgiving sucks. It's just like any other day except that everybody except me eats 10x more. So I have 10x more dishes to do. Diiiie thanksgiving :fingers:

§sanrio§ 2003-11-27 20:43

My family doesn't REALLY celebrate Thanksgiving....we just have a special (though normal-sized) dinner....just special foods instead of the norm XD

But anyways, have a happy Thanksgiving everyone^_^

FinFangFoom 2003-11-27 21:26

HAHA! I dont celebrate thanks giving either which makes me very glad. I hate turkey, I hate stuffing, I hate yam, I hate crenberry, I hate pumpkin or any other kind of pie, I hate potato's and gravey, and just about everything else you would find at a typical thanksgiving day dinner. Although I guess leftover cold turkey sandwiches are ok...

EDIT: I do love four day weekends though! :D

OFFSPRiNGCo16 2003-11-27 22:21

lol Happy thanksgiving, I get together with family but...dont usually enjoy myself that much, to many little kids running around for me and my sister to try to get to stop screaming. Anyhow...happy turkey day :p

JAppi 2003-11-28 02:08

The Real Thanksgiving was celebrated over a month ago. You americans are rather slow. Would it be okay for me to start a Merry Christmas topic in January?

Elysium 2003-11-28 02:34

I second FinFanFoom's 4 day weekend comment. I've been sitting around the dorm, in the great silence, and loving every moment. I basically have the whole complex to myself all weekend, so I'm going to abuse it by cranking up the bass on my sound system. :D

Now if only I could get past this sore throat, I'll be business.

Angilicwings 2003-11-28 03:29

We don't celebrate thanks giving...but anyway happy thanks giving everyone..

Shii 2003-11-28 03:33

Happy Thanksgiving, immigrants! Sad Thanksgiving, Native Americans.

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