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DingoEnderZOE2 2004-07-16 14:45

What Ero/Hentai Games do you want to be remade....
......With new and improved graphics,Voices,improved music,Maybe add a couple more events,Dialogue and all those other goodies and Why?

So far I dont have alot of games in my head that I want to be remade except for like this(I may have more but this is the one I can remember off the top of my brain.):

The Dragon Knight Series. Now those were some good ass Rpg/Ero-game's for its time and they are still decent games now. It would be nice if they remade them all. Especially Dragon Knight 3 and 4. Those two games just seem to be perfect for a remake with Full Voices,Cleaner Graphics, added events, and added Dialogue.

What about you guys?

Mr_Paper 2004-07-16 16:18

Since one of my favorite games already got an exceptional remake, Lovers. I'm hoping for Custom Mate 3 to get a remake soon. The game play itself doesn't need much or any improvement, but I'd be really happy to see it with some better graphics, sounds, voices and animations (I'd really love to see an animated version of your wife chewing you out in that game). :heh:

kj1980 2004-07-16 16:24

"Kono Sekai no Hatede Utau Mono~YU-NO~" a better quality version for Windows than just the DOS/V dump that they did on "Elf-no Kazume"

And since TYPE-MOON is now a commerical company, I want them to re-do their doujin "Tsukihime" with better quality...and more Sacchin!!

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