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Idioteva 2004-07-23 13:55

Shattered Galaxy
I have been playing for a while and think it is a great game. While I have been playing I have been seeing ALOT of people with anime related names so i was wondering do any of you guys play it? It would be nice to know so we can talk in game, be friends, ect.

Name: xidiotevax , idiotevaz
Faction: Relicas
Regiment: babybluevo-x

For anyone who might want to have a look at it. The site is

hobbs 2004-07-23 14:35

i played it for a bit, but got bored quickly due to no one ever speaks on there..and it just feels lonely.. lol

Idioteva 2004-07-23 16:49

i think it is hard to have friends on there unless you join a regiment. from my experiences that seems to be the case.

DarkCntry 2004-07-23 17:49

I beta'd it for 2 years, played it retail for about 6 game, however I didn't have the monitary support to keep playing.

mulititard 2004-07-25 06:58

Ohhh, I used to play this game in the beta for about a year and a half, and I played in the retail awhile ago. I have a four time reincarnated char on there still from before i quit XD. Great game, i recommend it to anyone who enjoys rts and/or tactical rpg. I just played a bit too much and didn't want to pay anymore. Althought i hear it has free option noW? o_O maybe I'll play again, dunno what you guys mean no one talk, when I play was lots of talking. ?? I was a regiment leader though maybe thats why XD lol

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