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Muir Woods 2004-07-25 12:15

Mini Coopers!
Yesterday evening, my friend and I went to downtown Vancouver. There was a large gathering of Mini Coopers in this small section of Vancouver, just near China Town. Because it was near China town, we encountered a section of night market as well, load with people. Anywas, apparently they were trying to break a record. There were soooooo many Mini Coopers. Mini Coopers as far as the eye can see. Damn lady stared at my camera. My friend and I hopped joyously through the streets snappin' pics of Minis (actually, my friend hopped joyously through the streets, he loves Mini Coopers more I do). Drivers of the Minis talked amongst other drivers and people, talking about...Minis. Unfortunately we arrived late at the site, and Minis were beginning to leave, but not before snappin' some sweet pictures of the event:

Lots of Minis

Fire Mini

California Mini

and its Interior

Another Mini's Interior

A "mini Mini" on a Mini

New Mini Engine01

Nice Mini

RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police, for those of you outside Canada, they're Canada's Police) Mini

Old Mini

Old Mini Engine02

Were anyone there last evening? If not, then comment on the Mini Cooper in general. Isn't the Mini Cooper a division of BMW (my favorite brand of cars)?

Inn3rchild 2004-07-25 12:28

that is so sweet. Was it some mini party thing? So many mini's. I don't think they have anything to do with bmw. I really like mini's, the new ones are so great in design.

Uesugi-sama 2004-07-25 12:37

I always thought small cars were terribly cute, and when I was little I wanted to have a VW Beetle. However, since I live in California that's probably not a very good idea, seeing as how many people here die from car crashes. I drive a large SUV, and in the two accidents that I have had with it, the car was hardly even scratched, which makes me feel safer.
Besides I'm 6'1", I don't think I'll even fit in a small car. I have trouble driving our Honda accord sedan because it's too cramped for me.
Cute pictures though, you should go to SF, they have a lot of Beetles in different artistic designs, I love them.

SiL Eighty 2004-07-25 12:38

Aww Im disapointed.... I thought you'd have pics of moded mini's. These all look like they just rolled off the assembly line.

I like minis alot. They are one of my favorite FWD cars next to the EG6 And DC2. I wouldnt buy one though. I like my power in the back or all 4 corners ^^.

Muir Woods 2004-07-25 12:55

Uesugi-sama: Honda Accord's too cramped for you?...heh a Hummer H2 then, perfect in California, just like Arnold's 7 Hummers (or was it 8?).

And yeah, it was a bummer not to see any modded Minis (or maybe we just didn't see them). But the Mini Cooper gathering's main purpose was numbers, to break a record in Vancouver. It wasn't (mainly) for showing off (modded) Minis. Numbers were the priority. Frankly, I didn't know if the record was broken or not :heh: , cause the announcements were mumbled through the speakers in poor English (A Chinese speaker), and there were so many people around me talking, I didn't catch any of what was said. But after the annoucement, there were a lot of honks though...

Entropy 2004-07-25 13:04

SUVs are starting cost an arm and a leg to drive though,which is good,because people shouldn't buy the damn things and never use them to thier full capability.I hope gas prices double soon.

I like how people in the US are whining about expensive gas prices when people overseas are paying triple the cash for the same amount of fuel.

TronDD 2004-07-25 13:04

Don't know if Mini is owned by BMW, but BMW is responsible for the distribution of the new Mini in America (the US at least, probably Canada, too),

Lexander 2004-07-25 15:58

Those cars are so amazing :/ I want one. Performance = insane.

Thyrz 2004-07-25 19:09

Nice pics, but may I ask what you see in these cars? They're not cute in my eyes, neither do they look cool. Enlighten me ;-)

ZhanDVG 2004-07-25 19:50

Personally, I prefer the original Mini Coopers to the new ones.

But really, that goes for just about any remade car.

SiL Eighty 2004-07-26 01:06


Originally Posted by Thyrz
Nice pics, but may I ask what you see in these cars? They're not cute in my eyes, neither do they look cool. Enlighten me ;-)

I like the sytling of them. Mostly the color setup and the front end of it. They can actually look pretty mean.

Performance wise.... Eh... good bang for the buck, but not enough to get my jollies off. What I am impressed w/ it though is that the car has almost No Torque Steer. This is alost a great AuotX car. I'd drive a Mini, but I wouldnt buy one.

haunterex 2004-07-26 01:51

i could have gone but i didnt because i had work =(

and i think the new mini is distributed by bmw

Green² 2004-07-26 02:56

Did they have this one over there? :naughty:

Superchop 2004-07-26 17:45


Originally Posted by Entropy
I like how people in the US are whining about expensive gas prices when people overseas are paying triple the cash for the same amount of fuel.

And there they pay by the liter...not gallon which makes it even more expensive...

It cost my uncle around 50 euros to fill the tank of his subaru sti...and he had to fill it up about twice a week or so since he was on vacation and he wanted to go out almost all the time

but almost all the cars oversees are pretty small compared to the ones here so "most" of them don't use as much fuel...not to mention they have a lot of deisel powered cars there which has a lot better fuel economy

As for the Mini...

I prefer the Mini Cooper S :), it's a hot little thing but i don't know if i can afford one right now...they're not that expensive...but at the same time they are :(

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