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ato 2003-11-29 14:28

New security holes in IE
Time for all you IE users out there to be on the lookout for new patches from MS. New vulnerabilities has been located, and a release of the fix to them should (at least in an ideal world) be around fairly soon.

Or maby this is the time to check out an alternative or two? ;)

outlaw55 2003-11-30 03:00

Blah, all browsers have holes, and those two browses i found annoying, HTML ONLY BROWSERS SHOULD RULE THE WORLD!!!

(If you are aruge that then fine, but at least with a HTML ONLY browser you don't get those script activated viruses ;)!!!)

Moon The Cat 2003-11-30 03:06

Moon is surfing on the web happily because he has just found the meaning of life in Google when suddenly...AHHHH!....a hole...

Shii 2003-11-30 03:10

Remember, kids, there are ways to escape from IE! Stop smoking now!

eXistenZ 2003-11-30 03:41

actually i just heard on techtv the other day that opera had several security flaws. i believe they were fixing them with a update.

every browser has its flaws.

it just so happens that if you use IE your more likely to run into these flaws.

Superchop 2003-11-30 13:29

Nothing's live with it...

In my opinion i think IE is the most used web browser out there so of course people are gonna try and find all possible flaws in it whether it be for good or bad...

To each his own...

OFFSPRiNGCo16 2003-11-30 18:08

Mozilla Firebird...ownz. I like it more then IE but...sadfully I use IE just as much as Mozilla... :-\ A lot of people I know use it, IMO its the best alternative.

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