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Dopeskills 2004-07-28 18:26

Nintendo DS [Final Design]

I think that this final design looks a lot sleeker than the original concept model

There are currently 120 games in development (20 from Nintendo).

OutPhase 2004-07-28 18:51

:sniff: It's beautiful. Yet another piece of gaming art created by Nitendo. I must have it now with it's cool texture and sleek look. Now only if they can make it sexy and pocket-sized.

SinnerChrno 2004-07-28 19:02

I thought the original design at E3 was cool enough, but whatever. I'm still getting one. :D

Superchop 2004-07-28 21:29

Already has it's own little section and available for pre-order ('s been up there for at least a week...or at least that's when i noticed it :p)

and already has a pretty big lineup for the end of the year

All available for pre-order

but if i'm gonna get one...i'll wait till the price drops down...hopefully with this release the gba's price will i'll finally be able to get my own and not resort to playing my kid brother's gba :)

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