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cercia_highelf 2004-07-31 08:12

Falcom/Ys news
What's your views on Falcom?

Not only is FALCOM planning to release Ys on PS2 internationally, there are also plans to give an international release to Ys VI (which you can also play on a mobile phone, by the looks of it): The Ark Of Napishtim. This name recalls the Mesopotamian flood myth, when their "noah", a man called Ut Napishtim, was saved from the ancient flood in a little boat.

Also, with lavish remakes of Ys I-V for PC (Ys Eternal, etc.), it looks like Falcom are considering translations for their PC games.

Work has started on Ys online.

More info can be found on

stpehen 2004-07-31 19:20

Haven't played an Ys game in a while (at least not the later installments) but Eiyu Densetsu VI is awesome!

SlugZilla 2004-07-31 20:52

I love Falcom games. Falcom is one of those companies that make great games but they are very understated. The very first Falcom game I've played was Ys VI when it just came out and I loved it! I loved ED6 as well! I posted about it on another thread here. I can't wait for the sequel!
I wanna see more Japanese games on the pc, and I mean non ero heh.

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