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Mashimaro 2003-11-29 20:19

The End of Evangelion [Spoilers]
oK I'm kind of confused about the ending of evangelion movie..
Everybody in the world dies..but Asuke and shinji?
and..whats with Rie in that movie? :/ and the whole..everybody turning into liquid?
Answer these please :bow:

gravitation 2003-11-29 21:02

well it confused me quite a bit too and i cant helpp ya out with alot of the stuff ya mentioned...i just know that all the different Rei thingys turned into your deepest desire or summin like that and then when they touch you BAM ya die, lol not to i hope i can get some answers from this thread... :eyespin: :)

Superchop 2003-11-29 21:36

Hmm...the end of that movie sparks a lot of opinions...mostly about asuka and her different colored eyes...but in the's really up to you to decide what you want the end to be...

And i think Asuka was the only person to live cause shinji wanted her to live...

This link doesn't really explain much...someone had posted a much better link in the past...but due to the forum's no longer there...

The end...

Do a search for the Evangelion Red Cross Book...and you'll get a lot of sites that might be more helpful then the one i posted

NightWish 2003-11-29 21:37

A site you might like if you've not seen it yet is EvaOtaku. Can't remember if it talks about your exact questions -- but it has a nice FAQ never-the-less.

Superchop 2003-11-29 21:40

Thanks NightWish that's the site i was looking for ^_^

Mashimaro 2003-11-30 01:05

It would have been better if they just kept the series ending ;[
The movie was just too depressing
OH and while we're on the whole..evangelion thing
can somebody put the whole series into a little summary please? :help:
I might understand a little better ^^'

Kamui4356 2003-11-30 01:38

Ok First everyone's forms are determined by their A.T. field. Rei was falling apart because she was losing control of her own A.T. field. Also when rei was appearing before everyone, she was removing their souls. Without the soul, no A.T. field, so their bodies broke down into the chemical components that they're comprised of.
The people that this happened to didn't die. They were stripped of their physical form. Their souls were then gathered in the giant rei aka Lilith. The souls were supposed to merge into one, creating a world where there are no seperations between people. That's why when you see Rei sitting on Shinji, she goes through him. Shinji rejects this new world, deciding that it's better for everyone to be seperate, even if that creates loneliness and pain. At this point you'll notice Rei removes her hands from inside Shinji's chest and is now actually on top of him. (maybe I should phrase that differently....) Because of that, all the souls return to earth, and the giant rei dies. At this point it is up to everyone to regain their physical form. Everyone has the choice to remain as just a soul or regain their lost form.

Now as for Asuka, she died before any of that happened so there's no way that could actually be her. That asuka was created by Shinji so he could demonstrate to himself that everyone was indeed seperate again.

Moon The Cat 2003-11-30 01:58

This is the BEST movie ever, I just love it. I will watch it again tomorrow.

The musci, the animation, the plot, everything is a masterpiece.

Mashimaro 2003-11-30 02:09

so..all those people that got turned into liquid has a choice to get their physical form back?
I think i got it thanks Kamui4356 :D

Soo...what are your fav. parts of the series and movie? ;/

Superchop 2003-11-30 02:31

"I'm so f*cked up"

that was probably the funniest/f*cked up thing i have ever seen in the series...

also when shinji and asuka fought an angel (forget which one) and the next thing we knew...they're showing a video with their eva's head first into the floor with their legs in teh air....

Those were my fav parts ^_^

As for the ending...i much prefer the movie ending...i like seeing how the events took place...and not just the jumbled up things in the series....

Mashimaro 2003-11-30 02:41

lol, my fav parts are the fight seens, mostly when 01 goes crazy and goes on a rampage

the movie is sad though, the girl i forgot her name..misato? or something she died before she turned into the liquid thing so she wont come back ;/

outlaw55 2003-11-30 03:03

Seems more like the author didn't want to make the movie but he was forced to so he took his time and mad two movies out of one (gee i feel ripped off after buying the first one *grumbles*) and did a lot of stuff to piss ppl off. I don't think the maker inteded for us to figure out everything and to TRUELY know how it all ended would be to ask the guy who made it himself, but I don't see that happening, LOL!!

Loki_Sama 2003-11-30 05:10

Eva IMO.......started good, later on it hella sucked......most of the original staff members......quit or got the damm story kinda still sucked.....both movies sucked.....i have the whole damm dvd's....dammi that was when i was all obbssed with EVA......omg.....and FLCL worst........even Kare Kano......all


gravitation 2003-11-30 07:10

I thought evangelion was great ^_^ some of my fav parts?...ermm i dont really know at the mo but i liked it when Nerv was being taken over and attacked, im not sure why i thought that was kool (bakelineinfussion or summin...anyone rem that :D?). Im glad they did make the movies coz the alternative ending (aka tv ending) was kinda sucky :)

Tboz 2003-11-30 08:23

Hideaki Anno is a genius... albeit a mad one... :heh:

Sad to say its been some time since I dig out my VCDs and rewatch the series, I really must do it all over again one of these days. :p

Here's a link I found when I was mad about the series, the site may be gone, but the stuff are all in that zip file.

Happy reading. :D

Mashimaro 2003-11-30 12:10

The movie was so bloody ;o
Asuke's arm reaching and then getting splitting in half and Especially when NERV was under attack, no mercy ;[

Lambda 2003-11-30 12:28


Originally Posted by Tboz
Hideaki Anno is a genius... albeit a mad one... :heh:

There are sane geniuses??!?

7thMethuselah 2003-11-30 13:17

about the AT fields : they way i thought of them was that the were producing a barrier between people so that instead of one giant conscienceness we get several independent ones. In the end everyones AT field collapses and thus individual humans dissapear but the whole remains as one single giant conscienceness. With all individual personalities gone indiviual bodies dissapear as well and everything turns into some primordial fluid (or something like that they called it).

The way I understood it was that Shinji was afraid to open his thoughts/feelings towards other people because of what they might think of him and thus preferred to remain a seperate entity. For that reason he returned back alive. What happens to the rest of humanity is up to them they can choose to stay in the giant consceinceness or leave it just as Shinji did...

Anyway this is just my interpretation. I alos thought that the original ending and the movie were actually the same one. For me the original ending comes right after everyone tunrs into a fluid, thenwe get shinji and the others thinking over their lifes(thus the original ending) and then we get the end of the movie...

As for favorite parts : First episode where we get to see asuka, the one with the UN fleet : jumping in an eva from ship to ship was quite hilarious imo. The episode where Shinji and Asuka have to coordinate their movements together is also great, not to mention the sight of 2 eva with their feet in the air :heh:. And I love just about every scene with Rei in it, one of the coolest char ever !

Mashimaro 2003-11-30 13:33

ok one last should be easy to answer somewhat since all of you are Rei fans ;p
What's the story for Rei?

Xiandu 2003-12-01 01:44

To clear up a few things about a couple of confusing things with the movie.

1. The fluid that everyone turned into when their concious became one with Lilith is the same liquid that was in the Eva's cockpit. As you find out from the anime, humanity came from Lilith, thus meaning when their bodies were broken down to their bare chemicals it became blood of Lilith.

2. Asuka was not just Asuka. She was the combination of the women that had influenced Shinji. Proof of that is remember when Rei had the eye bandaged up, when if you look closely it is the same for this "Asuka". That was Shinji's first memory of Rei. Another is one Eye was Rei's color while the other color belonged to Misato. Look closely in the anime. "Asuka" also has the scar that Misato had. And lastly is Shinji had always wanted Asuka (hospital scene), so he choose Asuka's body. They became one for Shinji. That way humanity would not die out. Deep shit huh.

If you own the actual Manga release of the movie, I urgently suggest to anyone to go back and watch it with the director's comments. It really lets you in on some really creepy stuff. But also points out some really important aspects that you may have missed.

He may have been a mad man and hell he probally didn't even know what the end meant, but he did a hell of a job to make people think. How many anime's have the ability to make you talk or wonder about them like this series did.

Oh and I loved the original episodes 25 & 26 because it really lets you know what the main characters were thinking during this "Impact". Especially Shinji's, but I think it should have ended with the movie and then brought out those eps as like a special or something. Maybe as a package with Death & Rebirth(what instrumentalilty is) because both explained important aspects of the story and history of Evangelion.

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