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JERI 2004-08-06 05:26

Updated 29/10/04
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Raxial 2004-08-06 13:36

like a 6-7 i'd say. The proportions look a little more than decent, but the face is a little off. The lining is also a little jaged, so it looks more like a sketch than a final (which i'm guessing it is). Were you to go over it again very cleanly (like pro-cleanly) in OC or Photoshop, it would probably be more like 7-8, closer to 8.

I like your work with the hair and the fabric on her arms (not sure what to call it), as well as the background. Well done all around, although it's somewhat unkempt appearance definitely takes away from its professional-ness

Forsaken102 2004-08-06 14:18

I agree with Raxial. Probably a 6-7, or once cleaned up, 7-8.

And, I really envy the job you did with her hair!! -_-'

Asura 2004-08-06 14:54

well, you asked for it...

does not compute.

perspective: need improvement on BG shading (especially wall), curtain and its' rod should block off more light 5/10

face: no comment, we all got slightly different style/take.
body possitioning, perspective, etc: her left leg seems off proportion wise compared to the rest of the picture, her right hand seems bent the wrong way.. rib cage looks good. assuming the focus is from the torso and up, her lower left leg should be longer. 5/10
proportion: for the majority, out the left leg 6/10
shading: seems 1/2 way shaded..c'mon, more shading on face and torso.. 5/10

Overall: this seems to be a sketch in progress...(some overlapping ink and pencil lines..) and I just happen to like it in that way.

asking someone to rate you is equivalent of asking someone to mollest you

JERI 2004-08-06 15:38

could you give some specifics on the face?

I've drawn other front view of faces before, and have been noticing them to be consistently unproportional.

However, it's usually so subtle (to me) that I figured it's no big deal.

This is important: I'd like to know how obvious it appears to you the viewer. Can you detect something strange with the face upon first look? Second Look?

Also feel free to point out what you think is wrong with the facial proportions.

Raxial 2004-08-06 15:41

well, the first thing i noticed was the nose. its kinda odd

DukeGaladrien 2004-08-06 17:04

The eyes are also too far apart.

get_a_life 2004-08-06 23:20

proportions, the dimension, and the layout

professional huh? thats quite a long shot since none of us here are professionals. but anyway i'll get on with the c&c:

first off id like to say that each person here has their own style--the way they proportion things, color, draw, even line weight, and etc--and so it is hard to have any definite ground to critique this on. but yeah here goes:

first thing i noticed was your perspective. her right leg (our left) looks quite flat. id try to redraw it with her kneecap on top to give it more dimension. her legs also seem to be very "meaty" but thats because her legs are deforming against the floor by sitting. ill give you credit for raising her shoulders to show her weight of leaning back. the face is very stylistic but even then it should still keep in the proportions of a real face--i.e. eyes are 1 eye apart. her boobs are a bit pointy. if she isnt wearing a bra, it should be more rounded. overall, it looks very sketchy and not a final piece as Raxial pointed out. you seem to put emphasis only on your subject. if you want this to look professional, id say give 110% on everything in the picture--your subject, background, everything. skip all the hatching and leave the line art super clean. right now it looks very messy with the random hatching--i cant tell what the background even is. is it a hut? anyway since i obviously cant see what you're trying to communicate, try drawing it again. and again. and again. you cant expect pro work if you try only once... unless you're a pro but even pros do lots of redraws till they're satisfied.


anime-otaku 2004-08-07 00:11

4 out of 10...I rate harshly... The drawing looks really squished, thats the first thing I notice. I like the hair (Major points for that)

Imaginer 2004-08-07 02:12

At first glance, I would like to think she is doing a flying kick but if she is sitting, her foot and legs look all wrong and kind of bent.

Her left leg is fine on the top portion, however, the below the knee, the left leg is somewhat small and short. Her right leg has a problem with the knee. If the right leg is viewed head on as straight, then IMO, there should not be a need to show that much of the bottom of her foot because it looks like she is bending her foot upwards towards her knee which is not a natural pose if she is sitting down like that

If you imagine her standing, her lower right leg will look fatter than her left.

Id give it a 5 if you say 10 is a professional scale. More or less it is the right leg that needs fixing.

mulititard 2004-08-07 03:38

I thought this was alot better than most stuff posted here. So I will use a comparison. 1 being the worst ive seen on this board, 10 being the best.
I think yours is about 8-9 using this method. !

but if u want with ur scale I guess 7-8? :O I dunno. Have to see a colour picture or something im not really an artist lol! I was impressed when i saw it and I definately think you have talent!

Raxial 2004-08-07 03:45

well, he says professional, so like one of these two would be like a ten (unless you know of some better stuff :) )

disclaimer: not mine, of course, lol

Don't necessarily categorize the best on the forums (unless you mean like uglypigs, who hasnt been here in a long time) as "professional"

mulititard 2004-08-07 03:50


Originally Posted by Raxial
well, he says professional, so like one of these two would be like a ten (unless you know of some better stuff :) )

disclaimer: not mine, of course, lol

Don't necessarily categorize the best on the forums (unless you mean like uglypigs, who hasnt been here in a long time) as "professional"

heh raxial look again I have another scale after for if he wants 10 as professional. but as I say im not really an artist so i dunno that much! ;:p

4F0ur 2004-08-07 11:15


it's okay
all these people are just jealoused
I'll give you 9/10
I think the drawing is really nice
with the pen or pencil??
thats probably the most you can do
the reason i gave you 9/10 is because i think her lag is a bit out of proportion
and not matching a perfect perspective
otherwise its nice
keep it out~~
some of the coloring freaks ...sometimes they dont know what exactly they're talking about
all they think about are clean drawings...pretty colorings :p
I think you are in a professional level now..if you have drawn that pic without any reference
and if you done it within 25mins

Raxial 2004-08-07 13:39

heh, i often dont read EVERYthing, so you're right, i missed that

JERI 2004-08-07 19:10

I don't usually bother coloring my works, it will take me quite a while to color to my satisfaction with a mouse, let alone with my laptop's touchpad.

I long for the day when the art accessories and scanners of my university becomes freely accessible to all students.

thanx for all the tips/comments btw.

JERI 2004-08-07 19:29

rate my pic 2
this is another picture in which I played with perspective/dimension.

the size gradient and pose looked very natural in the draft, but after applying fine lines, it got quite different.

again I'd like you to rate it in terms of how I handled the angle and the proportions.

what I'd also want to draw your attention to is the lower body, feel free to comment/tip on anything you think is wrong/needs improving with it.

Asura 2004-08-07 19:50

not gonna rate u by number, but here are my take on it:

upper body seems nice.. as for the lower... supposedly the base for a female body is a figure 8, in which the hip is wider than the shoulder. On yours, well, her tighs are beefed up (no problem with that), but the hip felt too narrow and this is further expressed by her left (our right) tigh. For her left leg, from the knee down needs some rounding.. a wider arch at the boot's lip will buy you that effect. and at such angle with that much paper, I don't think her left boot's sole should be visible..should be outside the focus box.

also, for better perspective effect, you might want to blur the line toward the viewer (easy pinky finger tip cheat)

Forsaken102 2004-08-07 23:17

What Asura said... but I also think the head came out a little flat. I'm not sure how to fix it, though... because in mine, it tends to be flat too. :(

Ah, well... good job!

JERI 2004-08-08 01:02

Here's the colored version of the asian girl.

I've colored in a lazy fashion, with little care for the outline. I did try to make it look stylish though.

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