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FeiFongWong 2003-11-30 14:36

Tear Jerkers or Funny Love Stories
After watching Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien... I want more!! I need recommendations for Tear Jerkers, Funny, Love, Good Storyline, Semi-sexual tension....
Here are the kinds that I want

Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien (If you haven't seen it, get it now! I just got it yesterday and stayed up all night to watch it)

Da Capo

Onegai Teacher / Onegai Twins

This is what I am looking for at the moment

I'm a guy, but I'm so into these types of animes, only one of my friends know I watch this type of anime... :upset: When someone else comes over, I change it to Cowboy Bebop or Trigun... (can't let too many people know I'm soft on the inside!)

Ohh one more thing! Nothing too dark! I dot wanna see a female lead getting (violated by an antagonist char) or anything else on that line.

pantsu 2003-11-30 15:28

full moon wo sagashite is great and will make you feel every emotion in the book. Try Ranma 1/2 for a good romantic comedy type thing, not much of a story line..but is a good one to watch. Boys Be is a sappy love filled anime..pretty much what it is about. There is always ai yori aoshi or kare kano too.

Lambda 2003-11-30 15:29

Kanon does pretty well in most of those categories, it's probably the "other" great such show available on AnimeSuki.

If you're willing to look at licensed titles, KareKano (His and Her Circumstances) is probably the best romantic comedy ever made.

Kurara 2003-11-30 20:04

I agree with Lambda about Kare Kano and I agree with Pantsu about Full Moon.. But they're not at all like the series you mentioned so I'm not sure if you'd like it.

If I were you, I'd look up series like I"s, Video girl Ai, Urusei Yatsura, Ranma, Ah! My goddess and other similar classics.. ^.^ To Heart was also pretty good. Boys Be is an okay anime too.

Onegai 2003-11-30 21:49

I'm a guy who likes similar anime that you seem to like, so try these:

Kanon - Romantic anime, though it wouldn't seem like one in the beginning. I liked this one even though I had to get used to the style its drawn in. I actually cried in this anime, which is a first.

Saikano - I have mixed feelings for this one. Good storyline and a lot of drama. Romance driven anime but with a lot of heartache. I almost stopped watching this one cause I didn't know if I could stand the sadness and worriness I was feeling.

Green Green - Comedic anime with a lot of eechi. if you can withstand the over-the-top humor, its a pretty good watch with some romance in there.

Maburaho - Comedy with some eechi and romance. Very light hearted.

Ai Yori Aoshi - After watching Saikano, Kanon, and Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien, this was a great anime to watch with its "feel good" storyline. Romance similar to Kanon and Maburaho. Basically a happy love story.

Love Hina - Romantic comedy.

Boys Be - Can't really describe it. Not a bad anime though. I liked it. Romance and drama might be a decent description.

Tomomi 2003-11-30 23:08

Hmm, I guess you can try To Heart too. It's quite a light hearted love story. Not really touching but it makes you feel nostalgic. :D

FeiFongWong 2003-11-30 23:29

Hehe, Thxs for the recommendations

Some series you guys metioned i already have :)

Here is a list of my collection... ones with a + next to them means I want more like those.

++Da Capo - Incomplete (My Second Favorite right now)
Escaflowne - Complete
FLCL - Complete
Full Metal Panic 1 and 2 - Complete
Full Moon wo Sagashite - Incomplete (just ep. 52 left)
GTO - Incomplete
+Kanon - Incomplete
+++Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien - Incomplete (My Favorite right now)
Love Hina - Incomplete
Maburaho - Incomplete
+Onegai Teacher/Twins - Complete
Ranma 1/2/3 - Complete (but many more sessions to get)
Scrapped Princess - Complete
Shingetsutan Tsukihime - Incomplete (haven't watched the ones I got yet)

Keep the recommendations commming, arigato :)

corp20 2003-11-30 23:55

FLCL is a love story???? I will say that its a really screwed up love story if it is a love story. I'm not to sure though. I don't know what FLCL can be called to begin with. :eyespin:

kazusa 2003-12-01 01:57

Hm... the other suggestions I'd make are...
E's Otherwise
Vandread [?]
Ayashi no Ceres
Fushigi Yuugi
Scrapped Princess
and i heard that Last Exile would be good.

Kensuke 2003-12-02 17:27

You should try Mizuiro, short (only 2 OAVs) but still very emotional.

Like Kimi ga Nozomu Eien, Mizuiro is also anime-version of bishoujo game, but there is no (or maybe very little) fanservice in this one. It is just heart-breaking story.
Don't mistake Mizuiro and Mizuiro Jidai, they are different series.

Tboz 2003-12-02 17:42


Originally Posted by corp20
FLCL is a love story???? I will say that its a really screwed up love story if it is a love story. I'm not to sure though. I don't know what FLCL can be called to begin with. :eyespin:

Apparently FLCL is more than just mindless fun... check out this file with FLCL explained. :eek:

Xiandu 2003-12-02 23:45

Hey some other ones that you may like that i haven't seen listed here are:

Popotan- Ecchi comedy with some dramatic moments

Shingetsutan Tsukihime- Dark anime about vampires but does have love and drama. not overly dark or graphical violent like most vampire anime

Ai Yori Aoshi- Love story, very funny and touching, Licensed on dvd as well as it's second season.

Tenchi Muyo- The ova 3 just released and you can get the first 13eps on licensed dvd

Ulayo 2003-12-03 15:17

Adding to the list:
Kimagure Orange Road - A must see. Romantic sci-fi drama comedy. 48 eps + 9 OVA and 2 movies.
Chobits - Another of my favorites, it's a romantic scfi-fi drama comedy. 27 eps.
Maison Ikkoku - A classical 80's romantic comedy. 96 eps, some OVA's and 1 movie.
Hoshi no Koe - Sci-fi, mecha, drama, romance. 1 OVA episode.
Millenium Actress - Romantic drama. 1 movie.
Vision of Escaflowne - Action, adventure, fantasy, comedy, mecha, romance. 26 eps, 1 movie.

bluerose 2003-12-06 04:28

A lot of what i wanted to list is already here except:
Fruits Basket - It's a really heartwarming anime
Hana Yori Dango/ Boys over flowers - Funny, Love-triangles and Drama what more can u ask for?

Both of these are licensed though...
[edit] Forgot Princess Tutu! and perhaps Ultra maniac....

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