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Takemi_Ikazuchi 2004-08-12 02:03

merchandise madness: Mitsuki's ring
Age-soft is selling a replica of Mitsuki's silver in at Comiket 66 for 4000 yen.

Even the price is accurate to the game's description :heh:

DarkCntry 2004-08-12 04:48

Hehehe, I got a replica in one of my DVDs that I bought...dunno if it was just a promo thing or if it is in all of the 2nd volume set.

Now only if I could get my Ayu figure.... :P

Takemi_Ikazuchi 2004-08-12 15:53

Oooh!! A Meiya T-Shirt


Backdash Sama 2004-08-14 23:43

What other merchandise is there?

I've seen a Haruka statue, some t-shirts from and tha's about capsule toys or whatever...

I only have a few posters from Dengeki Ani-Maga/other japanese character/anime magazines, kgne "mousepad sticker" and the one I treasure the most, a KGNE Promotional Clock. The dealer I bought it from said you had to send a coupon or something in from the magazines and you'll get it if you're lucky when they draw you. Usually named "__XXX__ Present/Gift page" or whatever.

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