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ChibiGoku 2004-08-13 05:31

Kingdom Hearts Manga
I just thought I mgiht as well post this here. Anyhow, the current group releasing the manga is Aku-tenshi.

Anyhow, my thoughts is it's a REALLY close adaption from the game. There is several differences in it, but meh. Can't have a perfect adaptation can we?

One thing I liked was Sora's reaction when......


Anyhow. Other people's thoughts?

EDIT: BTW, somethign that REALLY scares me.

(Picture Spoiler)

dodadoo 2004-08-13 09:17

I didn't know a manga was in the making, but I think it would make a great Disney movie (if it's not all dark and freaky like the trailer of the sequel). Or at least a great cartoon serie, but a 3D movie would rock. A manga isn't bound to get a wide release.

treetrall-sama 2004-08-13 16:06

I Think the manga is really beutiful made (although it looks wierd in some places)

I Belive i've finished the several times... KH ROCKS!!! :D

pseudonym 2004-08-14 16:13

Hn, I have the first volume on the computer. It was too close to the game for my liking. I like the variation.

I hope they wouldn't make it as a disney movie. Their movies and marketing have really gone downhill. Plus, it's more fun to play the game than to watch a movie of it.

As for the sequel, I am really wanting it to be released. Dark is better, more mature is better, less Disney characters is better, new worlds is better, and more new characters + Riku is definitely better! :) As good as the first game was, the second one looks to be that much more good and intruiging.

Shoeshefied 2004-08-15 08:56

heres a cosplay version of kingdom heartsu

ChibiGoku 2004-08-16 09:25


Originally Posted by Shoeshefied
heres a cosplay version of kingdom heartsu

....Ok Now THATS scary.

Killua_Bakura 2004-09-03 07:51

Hmmm I think it's pretty kewl... I luv the manga!!! It's so cute!!! lol, sora's face looks so cute!!! Yea, and I love that bit when the two chipmunks thingos ask him to smile!!! It's ssssssoooooo cute~!!!

Nuke Mayhem 2006-05-28 13:09

I got the KH manga volumes 1, 2, and 3 at a nearby mall. Now I'm just waiting for volume 4 to get the whole game-1 story.

If they do make a KH anime, I like it to be done buy the guys behind the FMA anime.


Originally Posted by Shoeshefied
heres a cosplay version of kingdom heartsu

At least nobody went as Donald, he's naked from the waist down. :p

disturbed_red_rose 2006-08-23 18:50

If FUNimation (producers of FMA) It would be awesome! I think DBZ was kind of overdone, and theres to much in KH for there to be just a movie... they would more than likely do a series.... I think that it would still be superly awesome...

finaldragoon 2006-10-19 16:23

Kingdom Hearts Manga
Is the KH series a good Manga series to get

LightningZERO 2006-10-19 20:44

I don't really recommend it. The game is better but if you really the fan of the game, get it. The manga has very childish drawings and some ridiculous story....

DragonHeartKid 2012-09-01 14:05

Hey guys I made a group for Kingdom Hearts since it is a manga now if you want to join it here is link to the group:

DragonHeartKid 2012-09-01 14:06 or just this

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