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elian85 2003-12-01 15:15

cant copy CD anymore HELP
hi all, i got a lil problem, cuz i bought a dvd writer i want to put my old cds on dvds, i ve some probs with 2 cds (of 300;)). i neither i can read them nor can i copy some files. windows can read the title and displays the files with name correct but when i wanna copy em it aborts after some mins. i tried also with win iso to create an iso of the hole cd but it didnt work either.
so knows what i can try?

Uzumaki626 2003-12-01 17:00

Looks like the CD somehow got corrupted, that happend to a CD of mine also. I burned it and a few days later I couldnt copy the files. Yes for me it also did show the title and show the files but i couldnt copy anything.

However, im sure my problem was that I didnt take good care of it. It has scratches and stuff cuz i left it out bare on a table for a week :heh: Im not sure about this, but maybe something went wronge while burning? not sure

zalas 2003-12-01 19:19

Try using clonecd or alcohol to create a an image. Tell it to skip over errors and such. Then mount the image using Daemon Tools and see if you can copy the files off. Chances are your CD is irrecoverable in its condition. Last ditch attempt would be to try to clean the CD and/or laser lens in the drive.

elian85 2003-12-02 08:29

thx so far
thx so far, i tried with winiso to create an image of the cd and when i wanted to skip these errors winiso did not continue, i try with alc i guess. and about the cd, there r no scratches or anything, maybe sth about the cd itself, bought cheep stuff.

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