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Minky_Momo 2004-08-23 02:46

Esper Mami
Have anyone read this Magna?
does anyone know about it

mayukhers112 2004-08-23 11:10

Please avoid double-posting....

But, yes, I've heard about Esper Mami! I actually wanted to see it at one point in my life....In France, it was known as Malicieuse Kiki.....There was also a very recent (I think 2003) live-action series.

...Oh, I see some info on the manga....1977 Coro Coro..

Minky_Momo 2004-08-23 16:40

Sorry about the double post
Yeah I seen Esper Mami (the Anime) in Taiwan
It was very funny
I did manage to get the 1st volume of Esper Mami (Magna)
I know there's 119 episodes

I put up a poll to see how many people know about Esper Mami

Mr_Paper 2004-08-23 16:51

Maybe I could direct you to your other thread of the same topic...

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