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BME 2003-11-04 18:54

Avenger Op & Ed
Does anyone know the name of the Avenger Op & Ed? I think that the Ops called Gesshuko Grand Guignol but Im not sure.

Hmm, maybe we should have a "offical ask what the song is called" thread or ask in the series thread, but since there isn't an avenger thread right now...

Superchop 2003-11-04 20:51

Well...i got the cover for the single...unfortunetely i can't read it...although i'm sure if anyone can translate it it'll be of great help to you...
- link removed pm me for cover -

Soulfang 2003-11-04 20:59

Opening theme: "Gesshoku Guran Ginyoru" (Moonlight Grand Guignol)
Ending theme: "Mirai no Ibu" (Future's Eve)

BME 2003-11-05 04:48

Thanks, just what I needed

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