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Love Witch 2003-12-02 13:32

Finding people
Is it possible to find users based on name or country?

Because I like to chat with people from Belgium who speak Dutch, and I even found someone to exchange anime and manga with once, even though I have never met the guy :).

Anyway, is it possible or do I really have to click on the profile of every user that I see?

xris 2003-12-02 14:30


Originally Posted by Love Witch
Is it possible to find users based on name or country?

I assume you meant "name of country", because you can easilly search for someones name (assuming you meant nick, of course :) ) by using the search button.

But the effective answer is "no" I believe. You also have the problem that not everyone fills in the location in their Profile.

Your best method (to avoid the Mods jumping on you) is to make a thread with a subject line called "Finding People from Belgium who speak Dutch" and asking if there is a way how to find people in Belgium who speak Dutch.....

See, you almost had it right :)

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