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Genei Killua 2004-09-03 07:20

Chapter 229 Discussion [Manga]
This chapter starts off with Naruto in his beast mode, crying. His chi is radiating everywhere, and Sasuke still has the shocked look on his face. The first page has Sasuke thinking to himself quite a bit. Next page, Naruto starts to speak to him, Sasuke looks shocked again, and Naruto talks some more.

Naruto, talks some more, Sasuke seems shocked. Immediately, Naruto is to the side of Sasuke, and swings his hand, which Sasuke raises his arm to block. Well, Sasuke thinks he blocked it anyway. Naruto completes the swing, and Sasuke is floored. As he's flying across the water, Naruto jumps again towards him. Sasuke does a katon, and Naruto screams it away with his chakra.

Sasukes is sinking in the water, but Naruto meets him there, and deals him a punch that sends him flying out of the water and smashes him into the cliffs. Naruto immediately joins him there, and is puts his arm under Sasuke's chin. Sasuke is looking quite beat up at this point.

Naruto starts talking to Sasuke, not sure, but I think Sasuke does the ku ku ku laughter. We see a picture of Sasuke's family. Sasuke starts talking. Then he starts screaming at Naruto. Naruto seems sorta surprised. Sasuke kicks Naruto away, screaming another barrage of words.

Then we see Naruto sorta thinking to himself, and as Sasuke is muttering a phrase, Naruto starts on what appears to be a speech, talking about important ones, nonetheless. Naruto looks sorta pained, while Sasuke has an unreadable look.

Hmm, so there's some talking, Sasuke says a phrase, Naruto goes "!" then Sasuke says some more, then Naruto goes "......" Then Naruto says something and looks compassionate about it.

We have a wide-eyed sharingan shot of Sasuke saying something, and a few freames of young Naruto/Sasuke. Sasuke has a small smile, and starts to get up, grabbing something in his pocket. Naruto doesn't know what to expect.

Sasuke is looking at Naruto. We see a close up of one of his sharingan. Then another, with something in it. Gee, I wonder what it's going to be. Then bam! Three-swirled sharingan is in full force here.

Last frame. Fully sharinganed Sasuke says something to Naruto, who again is a little bit surprised at it. Sasuke holds out his arms, and speaks again. They appear to me to be fighting words.

The end.

This chapter has a lot of speaking in it.

Animizzle 2004-09-03 07:25

holy malony! who would have thought THAT?!!@$


Dez 2004-09-03 07:29

My god.
Sasuke gets his third punctuation mark...
the world can end now.

*comments that are actually constructive will come when she sees the chapter for herself*

r4sEnGan 2004-09-03 07:37

wow, never expected THAT to hapen. Most expected either sasuke beaten to a pulp(15% of that hapen) and lvl 2 seal. :hmm:

Chapter sounds great nevertheless. Cant wait to c it/read it!

degeros 2004-09-03 08:50

Sounds like a great chapter. Now to wait for Inane... :bash:

Anthriel 2004-09-03 09:00


Originally Posted by Animizzle
holy malony! who would have thought THAT?!!@$


Originally Posted by Cyberpunk
the fact of the matter is that sasuke is gonna get his third tomoe tomorrow.


Originally Posted by Veritas
Show me a raw and I'll agree with you. Otherwise, stop being presumptuous.


Originally Posted by Cyberpunk
just a joke, dude. i was going along with what steffa was doing. :P

lool :heh:
Oh well ... I thought this chapter was somewhat wasted. But finally Sasuke has the same level of Sharingan as Kakashi.

|Dragon| 2004-09-03 09:06

hey guys where did u get raw so soon?

Animizzle 2004-09-03 09:11


Originally Posted by |Dragon|
hey guys where did u get raw so soon?

from the raw-fairy in raw-raw land where everybody is raw!

weeeeeeee!!!!!!rawness everywhere!

|Dragon| 2004-09-03 09:26


Originally Posted by Animizzle
from the raw-fairy in raw-raw land where everybody is raw!

weeeeeeee!!!!!!rawness everywhere!

uhm try to be funny? :bash:

Anthriel 2004-09-03 09:36


Originally Posted by |Dragon|
uhm try to be funny? :bash:


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As described in Fansubbing and Licensing fansubs are technically illegal as they breach copyright. However as does not wish to be associated with piracy, discussions about unlawfully getting licensed anime or manga or even DVD rips are not allowed. This means it is not allowed to post links to sites with such licensed material or ways to obtain it illegally, or ask for links or instructions to be emailed or PM'ed to you. Threads which break this rule will be either closed or simply deleted.
You know, it's quite useful to read the rules of the forum you post in ...

CyberPunk 2004-09-03 09:39

gg naruto.

DwArD 2004-09-03 09:43

OMG! Who'll have expect that to happen! Oh there's a high chance that Naruto is gonna get beaten up. With the fully-developed sharingan, Sasuke can now 'predict' Naruto's movement....well, that's unless Naruto is moving faster than Sasuke can react. Strangely, I don't really like the idea of Sasuke having his fully-developed Sharingan now, I don't like it :heh:

PerniciousJuJu 2004-09-03 09:49

SHIT!!!!! That's some intense stuff!!!

Genei Killua 2004-09-03 09:56

Great, so Sasuke has his fully developed sharingan now. That means he can see it even better when Naruto kicks his ass.

FearTheMullet 2004-09-03 09:58

Naruto gon' kick his aess.

/hick accent off

Actually I like the fact Sasuke has his Sharingan. He got it the same way against Haku, he got his ass severly handed to him on a platter then got the Sharingan. And if the Haku fight is anything to draw examples from. He'll do good for a while with the Sharingan, then be beaten into a pulp :heh: YIPEE!@!!!!!!!! PING PONG PING PONG PING PONG PING PONG!!!!!!

Nine Devil 2004-09-03 09:58

So the 3 dot has awakened and even without the curse seal level 2 omg hawt!

Animizzle 2004-09-03 10:02

It seems I have started a spree of sarcasm.

or was it...


Corny or not, it still looks like a damn cool chapter. Tomorrow morning we'll see..

we europeans that is..

Isse 2004-09-03 10:13

wow very interesting....Cant wait to get it translated...

btw I am new here, hello!

Yoska 2004-09-03 10:31

I can't remember, is this the first time in Naruto's history that there isn't any title page. Not that I'm against it.

Three dots...

So does Sasuka have a shuriken/kunai bag with him ? I thought not but there it was again.

A good quality chapter. Kishimoto's art and story telling is getting better and better.

Minnaloushe 2004-09-03 10:32

Naruto should still be able to beat Sasuke, 3 dots or not...
But this is turning out to be a longer fight than i expected, especially now with Sasuke acquiring the full shringan.
Hello I am new too :)

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