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beet 2004-09-04 16:51

Saint Luminous Girls High School plot?
Ok, excuse me for making a new thread about this but im quite annoyed with the ending of Saint Luminous, simply because i didnt understand it. It was realy good until ep 10 when my brain all got twisted up. If anyone have any idea what this animes end realy is about, please speak or send a link. Thx :P

AnimeOni 2004-09-04 17:24

Good luck on finding an answer. We had the same discussion on A-K's old forums before it crashed. I cannot remember what the discussion ended up to be. Someone may have remembered but it's been over 2 yrs now.
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babbito2k 2004-09-04 21:03

I wasn't thrilled with the end of this show either, but it wrapped up the mystery in a blobby sort of way, and I guess that's all that was in the cards. I don't get too flustered about not understanding things that happen or don't happen in anime though...

The show is called St. Luminous Mission High School BTW, perhaps you made a Freudian slip there.

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