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Sun_Tze 2004-09-09 21:46

The Enemy's the Pirates (Teki wa Kaizoku)
Well. Since this good space opera still didn't had a thread of it's own, i decided to create it.

So, what are you thinking so far of this 6 episodes OVA? I'm liking it (and it's not because i actually QC it...).

For those that still don't know, here's some information about it. ;)

Plot Summary: Latell and Apulo are some of the most dangerous detectives on the force. In their rampant pursuit of space pirates, they end up causing more property damage than any one pirate could possibly hope to create. The chief, sick of all the bills, decommissions their ship and sends the duo packing. Hopefully, Apulo and Latell can survive long enough without the protection of the agency to find out what those pirates are up to and stop everyone in the known universe from becoming a cat!
Genre: Comedy, Sci-Fi
Type: OVA
Episodes: 6
Year: 1990
Producer: Kitty Film Mitaka Studio

Keitaro 2004-09-10 02:03

I like it. It's very funny. I don't dig this kind of artwork but it just too funny to pass up on. :D

Dx2000 2004-09-14 19:34

I'm kind of disappointed this thread's only gotten one response thus far. Anyways, I really loved this show. I actually rented the LD (Laserdisc) from a Chinese store in Toronto way back in 1991 that rented out Japanese anime LDs. And get this... the REAL LDs... NOT HongKong bootlegs! :)

Me and my buddies all loved it! Even without subs. Now after all these years I finally get to see what's really going on.

Kudos to the subtitlers of this one! Arigato!


andromeda 2004-09-15 13:38

I just watched the first episode of this, I really enjoyed it. Great old school humour! I must admit I downloaded the first episode because of the whole space pirate thing, but I really really got into it! Thanks so much for subbing it!

Kyoji 2004-09-16 04:54

yeah, i love this show, the art didnt reallt interest me at first but after i watched it i thought it was amazing (The show that is, the art i can live with because it wasnt actually that bad), it still makes me laugh every time :D


Episode 03 this friday :D, The Hypocrisy Prefinals are pretty good IMO :)

exedore 2004-10-08 22:27

It's Over!
Well, this week brought our first OVA project, "The Enemy's the Pirates!" to an end. Did y'all like it? Surprised at the ending? Ready to never see another cat again in your life?

Wang Hung Lo 2004-10-09 13:02

I really enjoy the opening song. I play it all the time on guitar :D

Anyone know who it's by?

exedore 2004-10-09 23:56


Originally Posted by Wang Hung Lo
I really enjoy the opening song. I play it all the time on guitar :D

Anyone know who it's by?

IIRC it's by a megaband called Air Supply, which was a Japan-only group made up of various western heavy metal performers. The full song is on their album "Kaizoku".

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