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kboykb 2004-09-18 00:37

Fav. Animation Team?
I know there are different animation teams, and definitely different types of art that comes with each (I should post a poll, but pfft). -

But mainly which one is your fav? In terms of animation, art.. fluidity (if that's a word) - anything.

I've been rewatching the earlier episodes lately.. and I must say, the team that did the episode of Naruto going Kyuubi on Haku and punching him in the face was spot- on.. everything.
If they animated the Sannin battle .. or the Kage battle the way they animated that one.. :thinker:

Of course it seemed that they characters got kinda fat and pudgy in the orochimaru vs. sasuke eps..

(ahh, and if this has been posted already apologies in advance)

Alfzilla 2004-09-18 01:45

clearly the best team is the one that did the first episode in the Lee vs Garaa fight and if its not some ones fav team then i have to ask what show have they been watching? cus it wasent naruto.

Animizzle 2004-09-18 04:09

It would be neat if you start a thread like this you do a little research on what animation teams there actually are, and among what episodes they are actually divided....

Coz this will be pretty one-sided, We have nothing substational to choose from.

Gaara-rock Lee then...sheehs

CaSe- 2004-09-18 05:19

The people who did the bit were naruto goes berserk, or the Rock lee Gaara fight.

gosumage 2004-09-18 05:53

I think Nara Animation always does an excellent job (they did gaara/lee)

yanoch 2004-09-18 12:54

Dont know the anime team name but the one who made the fight between sasuke and oro. The characters look a bit simple, but the animation and the camera movement was awesome.

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