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strategos 2004-09-19 14:17

How Will It End [ For Manga Reader, Huge Spoiler]
Time to predict how will this fight will end
There are many theories about how the Sasukevs Naurto fight will end.
Will Kakashi stop it?
Will Sasuke stop being a stupid idiot and realize his big mistake.
Will Gaara and Lee reach the battle and stop it?
Maybe if Gaara enter the battle the battrle stop and then Orochimaru will appear
and we could hve a Gaara vs Orochimaru fight.
A mission to take revange for the assasination of the Kaze Kage.
Maybethe fight between Naruto and Sasuke will end just because they reached their limit and the just stop.
Some people says that Naruto might fall into the river and be washed away into the water unconcious.Then appear at a village that the 4th Hokage went when he awas young :hmm:
Many theories for this ending.
All O know is we are reching close to the next chunnin exam. So if Sasuke return to the village we might see Sasuke Huyga( orgot the name :( )


Cort 2004-09-19 14:37

Double K.O. Naruto and Sasuke both kill eachother and Itachi realizes how twisted he is and wants to be with his brother so he commits suicide. Series ends.

Animizzle 2004-09-19 14:42

er..why don't you put this in the 231 thread...that's what its for right?

Satoru 2004-09-19 14:53

Right. Subject closed.

strategos 2004-09-19 15:27

thread chapter 231 is too full. and we need fresh ideas.
will Kakashi make it on time?

F!reStr!fe 2004-09-19 15:30

i think he'll arrive when Naruto and Sasuke are like bout to kill each other and the fight is probably over but they still wanna duke it out

zarkand 2004-09-19 16:09

This is a chapter by chapter prediction:

Chapter 232: Sasuke and Naruto fight evenly with one another, Sasuke goes for his 3rd Chidori thinking Naruto, in the state he is in, will not respond with the Rasengan. The Kyubi charka and Sasuke's level 2 powered chidori collide and the end result is large explosion, that a lot bigger than the Chidori vs Rasengan. Both a blow back to the edges of the waterfall. Sasuke losses his level two state and Naruto returns to normal also. At the end of the chapter Kabuto appears and says hello to Sasuke and Naruto.

Chapter 233: At first Sasuke thinks Kabuto is there to retrieve him, only to have Kabuto say they he was a spy for the sound and sounds is sound headband to Sasuke. Naruto tries to gather strength to call up any charka he can but finds his body is just about burnt out from over charka use and trying force any more kyubi's charka would just result in death. Kabuto tells Naruto that he missed his chance to kill Naruto way back when and approaches Naruto to do so. At the end we see a water shield surrounds Naruto and a water dragon blasts Kabuto away back over to Sasuke, Kakashi appears next to Naruto.

Chapter 234: Kakashi and Kabuto talk for a while and Kabuto notices Kakshi has been on a mission and at his current state can't defeat Kabuto. Kakashi thinks to himself that its true. Kabuto and Kakashi pick up the exhausted Sasuke and Naruto and slowly back away up. Naruto tries to get Kakashi to save Sasuke also and that even if it cost Naruto his life he would help Kakashi defeat Kabuto. Kakashi knocks Naruto in the head to make him pass out and retreats. It ends with Sasuke thinking about Naruto in this chapter and then shows Naruto, passed out, being carried by Kakashi, where Kakashi has a tear in his eye.

Thats about it for my prediction. Pretty standard and doesn't resolve the whole mange sharingan thing, but we only know one way to obtain it. I don't Naruto or Sasuke dieing in this arc, nor do I see Kakashi and the backstory he has dieing either. I also would be pretty disappointed if say Naruto "dies" and then comes back to life is some manner, or Sasuke only thinks Naruto is dead and gets the mange sharingan that way.

UserName 2004-09-19 16:13

This fight isn't one of the many too predictble fights of Naruto. But I do know that Kakashi willl play a huge in role in the way the fight will end. So by the next chapter it will be quite clear(heh the title of the next chapter is something like 'END' anyways...).

xris 2004-09-19 16:18


Originally Posted by strategos
thread chapter 231 is too full. and we need fresh ideas.

No, it's best to keep the topics together otherwise they lose focus.

I would merge the threads together but it would be confusing, so this thread will be closed, please continue the discussion is the chapter 231 thread. Sorry to zarkand, I suggest you re-post your comments.

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