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ChibiGoku 2004-09-19 19:19

YuGiOh First Series liscenced or not?
Does anyone know if the first series is liscenced?

Guido 2004-09-19 19:34

No. It hasn't.

Keitaro 2004-09-20 01:05

It's licensed and been for some time.

NeverRamza 2004-09-20 01:09


Originally Posted by Keitaro
It's licensed and been for some time.

The elusive first series isn't referenced.

bayoab 2004-09-20 02:43

The answer is far more complicated than a Yes or No. The easy way to say this is that they have it and will never release it.

xris 2004-09-20 03:08


Originally Posted by ChibiGoku
Does anyone know if the first series is liscenced?

This was indirectly raised in a post from the Suggestions forum, YU-GI-OH the original serie A SHADOW GAME (never aired).

You need to define what's meant by "YuGiOh First Series" :)

1997, 27 eps (ANIDB episode list)
Yu-Gi-Oh! A Shadow Game

2000, 194 eps (ANIDB episode list)
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters (Japanese Version)

2000, 194 eps (ANIDB episode list)
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters (U.S. Version)

The available DVDs (as shown on AoD) are from the 'second' season, Duel Monsters, and there are now two versions of this series.
YuGiOh (Uncut) Vol. #01: The Shadow Games (the Japanese T.V. version)
YuGiOh Vol. #01: The Heart of the Cards (Edited) (the American T.V. version)

The confusing aspect is that the first uncut DVD has been given the title of "The Shadow Games" but it isn't the same episodes found in the "A Shadow Game" series, the uncut episodes are from the "Dual Master" series.

The 'first' series (Yu-Gi-Oh! A Shadow Game) has never been translated into English as far as I'm aware but what I'm not sure of is if the rights have been obtained or not.

Ashi-chan 2004-09-20 09:25

I don't think they'll ever release the 1997 Yuugiou series. It's supposedly less friendly than the current series, and that one's already suffered quite a bit of butchering. I've only seen one episode of "A Shadow Game," so I can't really give a good judgment about its content.

Speaking about Yuugiou, has the recent series ended yet? I know it's supposed to sometime soon.

DekaMaster 2004-09-20 12:02

The first series is not licesened.

mamochan 2004-10-08 16:25

They are wrapping up the current anime series now, the manga is done, and a new manga is released, yugioh R, which has been in japan going on 7 weeks. There is a new yugioh anime planned, something to do with an OLD kaiba seto.

megumidk 2004-10-08 17:30

The new Yugioh anime began airing a few days ago, and the first ting i noticed when i capped the opening was the absense of the worst hairstyle in anime history ;)

mamochan 2004-10-10 16:10

yea, FUTURE-Y. I havent seen any, only know rumors.

dondre 2007-06-08 21:10

I wonder if one day if some other company would try to license the first yugioh series by toei animation and show it on cartoon network on adult swim or on toonami like around 10:00 pm.

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