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OMGINEEDPOT 2004-09-27 23:01

prince of tennis eps 130
it just stops after 2mins error
anyone knows how to fix? or are they making a 2nd version...? because they already put out 131.

AnimeOni 2004-09-28 00:17

It maybe that you have a corrupted or incomplete one. Just resume the torrent and it should do a hash checking to verify.

You can also check the CRC to see if it's correct. Find the torrent and compare the CRC (the 8 alpha-numeric code) with the CRC on your file.
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MagusFyre 2004-09-28 18:13

im not sure exactly what you meant with the CRC verify... but if you can help take it step by step maybe that would help...

but for me... all i have to do is just click on the file and i get this Microsoft Explorer error and i cant play the file at all... i even tried opening it with other players and it didnt work... :( im pretty computer illiterate but i have no clue what to do =\

KeinikuSuki 2004-09-29 00:09

There is a handy thread titled "Is my file corrupt? How can I check?", but I know not everyone can read the stickies.

Here's the abstract.

1. Download CRCDropper.
2. Unzip the Program.
3. Start the program by double clicking it.
4. Drag file in question onto the open window. (Here's a picture:)
5. Wait. This could take a while if you have a slow computer.
6. Compare the numbers and letters in the box with the number and letter on the file. If they match, the file was downloaded properly.

As for the Explorer.exe error, that sounds like the old Xvid problem. Uninstall your Xvid codec or Codec pack (ie Nemo or K-lite++). Then install the newest version binary.

MagusFyre 2004-09-29 05:27

It Worked!

Thanks a bunch. (dont think those instructions can get any easier lol)

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