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Shii 2003-12-04 21:15

Five worthy series
If the world was going to blow up tomorrow, and you had to choose the only five anime series that would survive Armageddon, which would you pick?

I would have to choose
1. Card Captor Sakura
2. Love Hina (discard everything after the Christmas special... Love Hina Again can burn in hell ;) )
3. Azumanga Daioh
4. Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou
5. Haibane Renmei

Remember, everything else would get destroyed forever... some people might call me cruel for discarding Evangelion, or Cowboy Bebop, or Trigun, or Chobits, or Hikaru no Go, or Naruto, or Dragonball Z (blech), but that's why you get to make your own list.

Lambda 2003-12-04 21:28

Well, you'd want a bit of variety and shedloads of rewatchability, wouldn't you? And stuff that's really good. OK, I'd save:

Lain, (I can have both. Anyway, they're completely different from each other.)
Princess Tutu,

Keitaro 2003-12-04 21:55

hm.. interesting I would like these to survive

1. Love Hina (I happen to like the specials & Again ^^)
2. Furi Kuri
3. Full Metal Panic Fumoffu (I can watch this a millons times and not get tired of it)
4. Azumanga Daioh
5. Maybe some Hentai anime for educational purposes of course :innocent:

Jaeger 2003-12-04 21:57

If I had to chose between them all I would pick
1: Gundam MS 08 team- It was short but SWEET and it had a rock and roal feal to it all.
2: Full Metal Panic-What can I say its got mechs and witty humor.
3: Ninja Scroll the sieries- Unlike the movies that came out this dose JUSTUS to the orginal Ninja Scroll
4:Hellsing- In the name of God, Imprue souls of the living dead shall be banished into eternal damnation. Amen.
5:Naruto- I chose this becuse a little humor is needed when the world has been destoryed.

maxthelostboy 2003-12-04 22:54

ooo good topic!
1) Full metal alchmest - a perfect anime, maybe when the world ends we can learn alchemy and bring it back!
2) Angelic Layer - Need something for the suriving girls to watch!
3) All tenchi for laughs
4)Gundam MS 08 team - again a good series my fav gundam!
5) and inu yasha since it never has an end meaning we have lots to do while we last during the end of the earth instead of looking for food or surivors.

Also all dubs would be destroyed in the blast

LiQuid|J 2003-12-05 00:00

1. GTO - perfection in anime form, massively rewatchable and hugely entertaining.
2. Azumanga Daioh - I've watched this more times from start to finish than any other show and still "lol" every time.
3. Hunter x Hunter - my shounen action pick. Continually interesting from start to finish.
4. Lupin III - so many episodes! I'll never get sick of Lupin, plus I'll go ahead and assume I can have all the movies and specials too. :)
5. KareKano - my favorite romantic anime

last_regrets 2003-12-05 00:17

hmmm in my opinion here are 5 series that i'll hate to see let go

1) Card Captor Sakura
2) Inuyasha
3) Fruits Basket
4) DBZ
5) Naruto

kazusa 2003-12-05 13:11

My top 5 would be...

1. Naruto
2. Inuyasha
3. Onegai Twins
4. Ai Yori Aoshi
5. Noir

cindialai 2003-12-05 14:05

yu yu hakusho
chrno crusade
flame of recca

Cz 2003-12-05 15:18

1) Doraemon - With 1700 episodes you will almost never run out of shows to watch.
2) DBZ - Another long series, action one this time.
3) Rizelmine - Spice up your life with some comedy and ecchiness.
4) Saikano - To remind yourself of the (war?) you have gone through.
5) Robotech (not Macross) - Add some Protoculture to your post-Armageddon anime.

aahhsin 2003-12-06 01:01


Originally Posted by lwl12
1) Doraemon - With 1700 episodes you will almost never run out of shows to watch.
2) DBZ - Another long series, action one this time.
3) Rizelmine - Spice up your life with some comedy and ecchiness.
4) Saikano - To remind yourself of the (war?) you have gone through.
5) Robotech (not Macross) - Add some Protoculture to your post-Armageddon anime.

Naruto - hasn't end so meaning I won't be the only one left in the world
Ranma 1/2 - Gotta have this classic
Sister Princess - Call me crazy, but I like this. Repure sucks though
Mahoromatic - Fun
Jungle Wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu - Best anime comedy there is

Antonik 2003-12-06 01:06

Monster Rancher
Yu Gi Oh
SD Gundam

Buahaha, I'm soo corny.

bluerose 2003-12-06 04:08

Fruits Basket
Hana Yori Dango
Hajime no ippo
PoT/Full moon wo sagashite - had a tough time choosing...^^;

mono no aware 2003-12-06 06:50

1. Cowboy Bebop
2. Shingetsutan Tsukihime
3. Vampire Princess Miyu
4. Noir
5. Hellsing

kannakills 2003-12-06 07:14

Witch Hunter Robin
Full Metal Alchemist
Kodomo no Omocha
Jungle Wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu

NenMaster 2003-12-06 08:55

in no order
junni kokki
last exile

Ainana 2003-12-09 01:34

Fushigi Yuugi
PeaceMaker Kurogane
Rurouni Kenshin
mmmm....I'm a little hesitant to put down a final name...
I guess maybe either Fruits Basket or Kare no Kano because they're very watchable, but maybe I'm just forgetting something better?

GATX207_Blitz 2003-12-09 03:05

Here are my top 5 choices:

RahXephon - I like these series where you have to think a little to understand fully
Evangelion - same reason as RahXephon
Planetes - well I haven't seen the end and I wouldn't know if it could count because I don't think its finished, but I am enjoying this show very much I haven't un into to many animes like this.
Trigun - well this anime is about how life is after the world is useless and other stuff.
Gundam SEED - wasn't this a little expected from me? Well I liked this series and I haven't really immersed myself into the Gundam Universe. So I chose this one even over 08th MS team. Main reason I don't like it when animes are short because the story has to move quickly in the development of the relationships and such. Sometimes I even think that 26 is to short because it starts building up and then the ending gets screwed.

there you go 5 animes I would want to survive if the world ended...list may be edited over the course of time if I find something more favorable or if I find my current list incorrect.....I probably won't because I'm too lazy

Muraki 2003-12-09 21:05

In no particular order...

Furi Kuri (FLCL)
Kare Kano (His and Her Circumstences)
Azumanga Daioh
Love Hina
Fruits Basket..(or Card Captor Sakura...I dunno...)

I really wanted to stick in Evangelion ... ha I like Gainax a little to much...

Jamstyle 2003-12-10 09:59

Just five... what a hard thing to do...
But be sure that I will survive with my PC ...
My choice would be like this... In no order , I can't do that...

Naruto ( too good to be true...)
Get backers ( luv ginji SD...)
Slam dunk ( my favorite sport... )
Love hina ( keep the fun in love... )
R O D ( So beautiful and so INCREDIBLEZzz ! )

... I want to write enough anime ...

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