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FenixRoa 2004-10-02 12:09

Ok here is what I did:

A long long time ago... I installed K-Lite Codec Pack. I used to have WMP 9. Now I uninstalled the Codec pack before I installed WMP10. Now I can't play ANY naruto episodes (including those that were playable before).

Here is what I did to try to fix it (and failed):

I checked the properties tab of the Naruto file and it says I need Xvid. So I went and downloaded the official version of XVid... which failed. So I uninstalled XVid (do I need to restart the computer in order for the codec to be detected?). I then installed the whole K-Lite Codec Pack again. This also failed, and I uninstalled it. I have checked to see that WMP10 has the "download codecs automatically" option checked (and it does) but it doesnt seem to do ANYTHING.

Please help, I really wanna see the new naruto episode.
Thanks for your time and consideration,

jimmy_1 2004-10-02 13:38

Download Video Lan, (VLC) it`s available on this site. You don`t need any divx with the newest Video lan. Video Lan here: VLC

AnimeOni 2004-10-02 21:23

Use ffdshow - it's the easiest and most widely supported codec here.

I tried WMP10 and ffdshow (20042808 build) and it works fine with the AONE and ANBU releases.

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