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Ciroth 2004-10-03 12:28

Ciroth's Art Thread
Hello Everyone, been a while since i posted anything... but heres some new stuff that i have completed! Hope you all like it, and please comment and point out if theres a problem. Thanks!

Newest Art: (Going in order from recently made)
Fan Art
Last Exile: Donya Shea
[I] If i had better screen caps and quality of Donya, maybe i could draw her better? ^^;; i hope my next one wont make her look so old and fat >>;; NEW! (10-15-04)
Full CG's
Green Carrot?
Yes in Green Carrot shes wearing pants! just hidden behind the carrot >>;; and her face looks a little odd... gonna have to figure out how to fix that later ^^
Pota Attack!
can you find the hidden sketched face in the picture? ^^
School Projects
Anime Related:
CGI Dreamers

Non Anime Related:
School Theater Production Posters
On The Verge
Italian Straw Hat
Second Class
Last Night of Ballyhoo
Two Gentleman of Verona
As You Like it
If you put the posters in a 3x2 order, you will see that they all connect with each other. Some has bleeds into the other side.

Old Art: (Going in order of newest old art.
Full CG:
Kelsa Reach the Sky!
First time playing with CG backgrounds :)
CG without Backgrounds
Keiko Dreaming
Neko Girl
Kyai with Bunny Ears
This one my first CG.. ^^ i think you find lots of flaws ! lol

Posted October 3rd
2 Updates

Ciroth 2004-10-16 03:05

^_^ Anyone want me to color some lineart of yours? ^_^ If you want me to color something either post or PM me a message ^_^ would be nice if you had the lineart on a transparent background... saves me time and i be able to get it done quicker ^_^ <School gives me 36 hours of hmrk in 24 hour day.. JOY!>

Examples of my work is above, or the general link is...

Ciroth 2004-10-30 02:53

Halloween Deviant ^_^
Happy Halloween

Enjoy ^o^

mememe 2004-10-31 00:49

I like it looks like u have put in some effort!

Ciroth 2004-12-04 14:23

Etna Transmigrate Error!
12-04-04 Update ^_^

Oh nos :) Etna transmigration goes wrong! :) What better than a Neko + Etna ? :D /dances hehe
(Click Image above to goto Webbie)

Ciroth 2004-12-28 01:19

Last Update of the year? oh no!
Hand Drawn Background

Please give suggestions and point out flaws. This is more of an imitation of perspective, not suppose to be perfect since im going by eye. *I know how to do it by the book, but just want to try how well i can do it by eye* If you have any suggestions on the other white spots, please post!

I want to make it highly detailed, and i plan to spend a long time coloring this to make it beautiful. ^_^

Thank you!

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