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domino 2004-10-05 17:07

Harukanaru Toki no Naka de
Yeah!! The first episode aired today! :p So I think I'll start Harukanaru Toki no Naka de ~Hachiyou Shou~ discussion. As a long-time fan of this series, I'm happy to see it animated...

The story behind this series is:

The series is based off of a video game of the same name. It is about a schoolgirl named Akane who is pulled into another world. There, she becomes the Ryuujin no Miko (priestess/shrine maiden), destined to save their world. It's basically like Fushigi Yuugi, but better. :P Fushigi Yuugi was my first anime obsession, so FY fans will love Haruka.

Another good point with this series is the great character designs, which can be seen on this page of the official site

The voice cast is also excellent:

Tomoko Kawakami (Hikaru no Go's Hikaru, Utena's Utena) as Akane
Akira Ishida (Gaara, Saiyuki's Hakkai) as Yasuaki
Kazuhiko Inoue (Kakashi) as Tomomasa
Okiayu Ryoutaro (Fruit's Basket's Shigure, Prince of Tennis' Tezuka) as Akram
Miki Shinichiro (Escaflowne's Allen) as Yorihisa
Hoshi Souichirou (GetBackers' Kazuki) as Eisen
Tomokazu Seki (Gravitation's Shuichi, Fruits Basket's Kyo) as Tenma
Ikue Ohtani (Escaflowne's Merle, Pikachu!!) as Fuji
Yuu Asakawa (Love Hina's Motoko, Azumanga Daioh's Sakaki) as Sefuru

So, yeah, that's my little plug for the series. :P Is anyone going to be subbing this series? Has anyone seen episode 1 to comment on it? On a final note, the official site has a reaaaally short trailer for the series right here.

DrWho2002 2004-10-05 22:34

Hopefully it'll be better than those awful OVA's that were released previously.

Sakuya 2004-10-05 22:43

Is there a set amount of episodes mentioned? I really want to see this, it looks so good! Also, does anyone know if there is a non-Realplayer version of the trailer? :bow:

Yaoi_Pocky 2004-10-06 08:18


Originally Posted by Sakuya
Is there a set amount of episodes mentioned? I really want to see this, it looks so good! Also, does anyone know if there is a non-Realplayer version of the trailer? :bow:

26 episodes, according to Moonphase.

/me needs to change my avatar to one of Akane-chan...pronto. (And it's done!)

megumidk 2004-10-06 09:07

Sakuya, I had a promo at It is not online anymore, but can still be found in the first promo pack (see the torrent section of the site).

Sakuya 2004-10-06 14:17

Is this the same promo as the Realplayer one from the official site or is it a longer one?

megumidk 2004-10-06 14:49

I have not seen the real player one, but this version is the one that was on the DVD of the latest issue of Animage.

Sakuya 2004-10-06 22:43

Thanks! If it's longer than 1 minute, then it's different. The one on the official site was really really really short. :eyebrow:

By the way, is your version subbed? Because a sub of a promo has just been put up at AnimeSuki.

megumidk 2004-10-07 03:04

nope, no subs mine

domino 2004-10-09 14:34

I finally watched episode 1 (raw). It was a LOT better than I was expecting, since the OVA had awkward animation and a boooooooring story. But episode 1 of the TV series was exciting. :D

To my surprise, most of the episode used darker colors and smoother animation than any other shoujo I've ever seen. It has a shoujo story with shonen-style animation (reminded me of Junni Kokki/Twelve Kingdoms). It's so good!!

Here's a brief summary and screencaps by me of episode 1:

Spoiler for episode 1 summary:

auriya 2004-10-12 12:08

Does anyone know which--if any--groups are interested or are in the process of subbing this show? The screencaps look nice. I hope the main character isn't too annoying, though I guess with this sort of plot it's pretty much a given that she'll fall in love with everyone and need to be rescued aaaall the time.

cagz 2004-10-12 16:39

Aoi-Anime just released a version of it, looks nice to me, tho i'm somewhat biased ;)

Yaoi_Pocky 2004-10-12 17:43


Originally Posted by cagz
Aoi-Anime just released a version of it, looks nice to me, tho i'm somewhat biased ;)

I guess this thread can now be moved to the Fansubs forum then...:)

Melty Snow 2004-10-12 18:11

OMG bishounens galore, finally.

Tiamat's Disciple 2004-10-12 19:06

I just watched this, awsome opening and closing music, and awsome show. This is definatly on my to follow list. hope it keeps up the way this episode went :)

FiRe_RoSe82 2004-10-12 21:13

I just watched the promo...... its so GOOD! brings me back unforgettable memories of fushigi yuugi!! I can't wait for the rest of the series.. planning not to watch it till i've got the whole thing... but.. it won't be soon.. aarggh.. waiting is a torture..

oh ya.. by the way.. who's that guy with orange hair?? reminds me of Tamahome!!!! :love:

Sakuya 2004-10-13 02:59

The orange-haired guy is Tenma, Akane's friend. It's pretty good. Aoi's release is very good though! However, the video quality is very blurry and not sharp/vibrant. Why is that? :(

It seems like Fushigi Yuugi from the summaries, but it's really pretty different. I'm having some trouble getting used to the long, wavy, aqua-haired guy as well as the side-bun/ponytail green-haired guy. Their design are a bit...unusual. In one scene where the guy leans close to Akane. the aqua-haired guy's lips are so...ugly. Seriously. No offense though. Other than that, their eyes are lovely! Where can I find the OVA?

cagz 2004-10-13 03:17

There wasn't much the encoder could do about the video quality, the raw he had to work with was not the best to say the least. Took quite sometime to get it looking that good :rolleyes:

wsheit 2004-10-13 05:56

...And did anybody else notice that the music during the episode was also quite beautiful and varied? I'll be watching this one for sure

Lyreleaf 2004-10-13 07:53

Ah, this show brings back such fond memories of Fushigi Yuugi. I already love all the characters and I can't wait to see where the plot is headed. I was also surprised by the animation of this show - it's alot better that I thought it would be! ^_^

wsheit: I noticed that too. There were some very nice pieces played throughout the first episode. I especially liked the music played during the beginning of ep. 1 when Akane and her friends were walking to school. I hope a soundtrack for this show will be released soon.

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