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Hillsy_ 2003-12-05 20:09

Pls recommend me some new manga?
Hiya All,
Please could you recommend me some new manga to read. My favourites
are Neon Genesis Evangelion, Nadesico, Ceres Cerestial Legends. I am interested
in reading Chobits? is it any good? I have the Love Hina bilingual comics, but I don't think they are going to be finished by Kodansha. Any thoughts? I prefer manga to anime because I usually imagine the characters differently. Well...all except Neon Genesis Evangelion, excellent!! Nadesico anime was a little disappointing to me!! thanks!!


AnimeFangirl 2003-12-06 01:49

The latest thing I've read is Yakitate Japan, nice and fluffy, I like it. Looks like you like more heavy stuff though (NGE, bleh!). Hmmm, let's see... I hate heavy stuff...Okay, try Gunnm, a.k.a Battle Angel Alita, finished by Viz. It's really good stuff and not too long either.

snoopy 2003-12-06 03:31

Based on your mention of a few post-apocolyptic, world ending kinda stories, I would recommend SaiKano to you, but it was licensed recently, and thus won't be available until mid 2004, so unless you know Japanese, that's a no-go. Really, the genre you talk about liking is extremely predictable in most cases, so most of those mangas suck rhino balls, and no one bothers to translate them, let alone license them.

However, I'll tell you to read 20th Century Boys and Beck over at MangaScreener. Bleach and Hunter x Hunter at Toriyama's World are also good (I never really liked HxH, but a lot of other people do... whatever). And everything at my website beats them all to shit~!! Just kidding... but go there, anyway. Really, you should simply make the rounds of all the manga sites (MS, SC, Omanga, TW, etc), as it certainly appears that you've greatly limited your choices to fanboi levels up until now.

AnimeFangirl 2003-12-06 04:44


Originally Posted by snoopy
Bleach and Hunter x Hunter at Toriyama's World are also good (I never really liked HxH, but a lot of other people do... whatever).

I consider bowing down at your feet and worshipping you, snoopy, but do not actually do so. Finally, another person brave enough to admit to not liking HxH. Don't worry, I'll protect you from the vengeful, brain-washed fanboys with my life! :D

Hillsy, if you do go to snoopycool, I recommend Hajime no Ippo and Yakitate! Japan. I hear Midori no Hibi is good as well, but I haven't read it yet. And if you could possibly somehow manage to get your hands on the Ippo anime and the Saikano manga (:innocent:.) then that's all good as well.

kannakills 2003-12-06 06:59

You people are funny ^_^

Snoopy, you are awesome! And I love your site! I'm making a Yakitate wallpaper right now... on hold for finals though.

Hmm... I'm actually not too fond of Chobits and Love Hina manga, but the anime is okay (not that I've ever finished watching though).

I notice that you only mention licensed manga, and are listing the licensed names, so I assume you have been buying it to read? As far as licensed manga goes, Saikano is very interesting. Berserk has a very dark world end slant and symbolism written all over it, but dunno if you would like that.

I too recommend Mangascreener's 20th Century Boys! He's pure genius, in my opinion. The story is very well crafted and intriguing~ and it sucks you in. Just read it :P There is actually a very diverse range of manga online that you should check out that you probably haven't been exposed to much~ you should just browse around. I would recommend checking out Omanga, Manga-sketchbook (check out Agartha), TW (Bremen and Bleach), Snoopycool, Band of the Hawk (Living Game - Highly recommended!), Jinmen Juushin (River's Edge - rather ugly illustrations, but very interesting story and take on life- and the illustrations fit the desparate setting), Mangascreener! (Beck, 20th CB, Monster)... ah.. just stop by Manga Jouhou and Noated for starters.

I notice that some of my recs don't quite fit the style you like, but I don't feel like deleting them. I'm not trying to be an *** or something- just thought that you should check them out- at least a little bit. You may like them ^_^

Vicious 2003-12-06 09:23

Yay, try reading Yakitake!! Japan, 20th Century Boys and Bleach, those are the best new ones right now. 666 Satan's a good choice too.

Oh yeah, Berserk's awesome too. One of the best I've ever read. Too bad it's licensed :p One Piece and Naruto are awesome too, but they're both licensed :(

PS. gotta :bow: to snoopy-san, he always bring us fresh new Yakitake! :D

snoopy 2003-12-06 11:36

Thank you, thank you~ Yaki's becoming a phenom or something... it's freaky... :uhoh:

Anyway, the best advice anyone can give you is to broaden your horizons and download the beginning of lots of mangas, then continue reading what you like. People can list their favorite series to the ends of the Earth, but it'll never tell you if you'll like it or not.

maxthelostboy 2003-12-06 14:11

flame of recca 3 volumes are out by viz so far. great series.I first got into it and read all of it before because of snoopy but i like it so much im buying the viz mangas too. Also gunslinger girls is a good manga released by adv manga( My new fav north american manga company)

Tieki-tan 2003-12-08 08:57

I know some good manga that you might like. Flame of recca, Ceres celestial legend, rayearth,wish and esclaflone are all good. ^_^

lighter junkie 2003-12-10 02:09

Full Metal Alchemist

hunterx 2003-12-10 04:10

well you probably already know what you like, I prefer manga with lots of volumes and preferably completed, but they are few. I did try this one called "majin" and for a short 2 volume (or so) manga, it was pretty good

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