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filipino heat 2003-11-04 22:39

best fansub for fmf2
juss wanted to knoe wat everyone thought the best overall fansub for full metal panic fumoffu was....i personally think that its anime-keep, but i havent seen some of the other groups yet like anime kingdom

MasafumiGotoh 2003-11-04 22:53

A keep
A keep all the way. Animejunkies tend to have problems translating and thier quality is ok, but the file size is sometimes a whole lot smaller than most groups. Most of my animes are from A keep because of the quality and thier history of fansub success. I also liked how they did the first FMP.

Shift_ 2003-11-04 23:03

Well I just did a recent comparison.

A-F&AF also did the First season of FMP. They did the 1st eps, did a REALLY good job too.

I'm a die hard Akeep fan, but the recent editing of the FMP?F episodes kinda mekes me :/

Overall I thought AF-A-F did a much better job in the editing department and making things make sence department.

But Akeep + Af-A-F are my fav ones.

Seravy 2003-11-04 23:13

A-Kingdom's have consistently had the best looking encodes. And their trans quality has been right up there with the other top quality producers.

Gaara11 2003-11-05 01:33

A-Keep gets my vote!

Wolfwood2970 2003-11-05 08:47

Ive recently been watching Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu from the AF and A-F versions.... Personally I think they do a real good job in fansubbing and also in the quality of the anime as well.....

As for A-Keep well i heard from a LOT of people that A-Keep needs a better editor or something... Oh well im gonna assume AF and A-F version is better

GipFace 2003-11-05 17:20

I think ...
For TL, I'll second A-Kingdom. One look at the old-literature comparison in episode two won me over with their complete explanations. But they do need a better typesetter. Still, I'll keep their copy. Give them a chance ...

Other versions I've seen were A-F/AF (best TS) and A-Keep.

Superchop 2003-11-05 19:19

I get mine from anime keep...they've always been one of the main groups i d/l anime from and full metal panic is no exception...(although there are a couple)

[Titan] 2003-11-06 10:15

I saw the first season from a whole range of different groups (the guy who downloaded it wasn't very picky when it comes to groups), and I liked the A-keep version best, but the "amateur"translation of the opening 0wned all :D

nojevo 2003-11-06 12:12

i wont give my vote to any of the group cuz i havent seen them all, but currently i'm downloading from akeep. I really like Crustol's translation and it flows well for me. i dont know why people say they need better editors, but last time i checked they have 4 editors working on this show. Oh well, it all depends on what flavor u like

Crimson 2003-11-06 14:38

I always like A-Keeps subbing but for FMP, i don't think they do the best job. In ep 11 they had a number a translation errors for example when Sagara told Chidori that she knows his commander, she said *oh yeah, he's the submarines goal keeper* while other groups had it as *He's the commander of the submarine* or something along those lines.

I'm not really very picky but that ep had too many errors and some parts just didn't make sense so i went for the AKindom version which was alot better. So i'll vote for them when it comes to the best translation of FMP! Fumoffu.

GM V 2003-11-06 22:48

I liked A-F-AF did a great job doing FMPF. As for the others, for Aozora I couldn't play the file on DivX only WMA 9 worked and the video quality isn't too good there, translating they are ok. Animejunkies in this line up of groups falls, they aren't even the fastest either. IYA & Miyuki aren't bad either, fairly good translations. The rest I haven't tried. Overall I liked A-F-AF the best.

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